HVAC Air Con Pressure Switch Location ?

Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by Geoff Davies, Tuesday 22nd May, 2018.

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    Hi all, 2007 2.2 CTDI. Just had a diagnostic on the aircon system (which is not blowing cold) and the specialist tells me the pressure switch is not showing any pressure.
    The system has just been re-gassed.
    Can anyone tell me where the pressure switch is please, also how to get at it.
    Thanks in advance, Geoff
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  3. Geoff Davies Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Hi and thanks for reply.
    I have seen that and it is number 22.
    I was hoping someone would be able to tell me the physical location on the car.
    Have looked everywhere and suspect it is under the RHS headlight.
    It would be great if someone could confirm that, as the bumper has to come off to get the headlight out - didn't want to have to do that only to find the sensor isn't there.
    Cheers, Geoff
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    Was there a DTC or the diagnosis was made according actual parameters?
    Sensor is located on the right side, as the drawing suggests. I think after removing the bumper you should be able to reach it, or you will see what else is there to remove.
    Still, reaching it is not the hardest part. That sensor does not have a pressure valve core after it, meaning if you just unscrew it, you will get sprayed with refrigerant and oil mix! There are ways to test sensor while its still on the car or you can test the car with a new sensor, but you have to pressurize it. Not sure if this is a DIY job, have you tried A/C specialists?
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    Hi and thanks for the reply.
    Mobile aircon guy came to refill the system and when it didn't work plugged his diagnostic computer into the car.
    No DTCs but he read the parameters of the system and the only anomaly was the pressure sensor showing no pressure.
    As the car had just been regassed he says the sensor must be faulty.
    He hasn't changed one before on a CR-V and we searched for it but couldn't find it - he suggested it may be under the headlight but would try to find out.
    Thought I'd ask on the forums to check the location before stripping the front end needlessly.
    I have a new sensor but he is coming to change it.
    Glad you said that there is no seal valve under it, because he thought that it may be self-sealing.
    Guess he'll have to de-gas it before we change it.
    He will do the aircon bit but I'll help him get the bumper off. Iv'e already bought some new plastic clips to refit it.
    Thanks for the info.
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    United Kingdom Jaydor Holbeach
    I have the same problem on the same model I didn't take the switch out I looped the two wires to see if switch was faulty and guess what I had to replace it had gas took out fitted new one re-gassed and its fine.
    But the only way I found to get at the switch was front bumper off.