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    Hello folks

    I'm Juego, i hate my real name with a passion so prefer that

    I'm 24 and live in Hamilton, currently own a Fabia VRS which as much as i love i need a bit more space and due to not doing as many miles as i used to i'm looking to get back to a performance petrol after owning a 190bhp Fiesta ST. My main expense is going to Edinburgh on a wednesday and every weekend

    Looking to get a facelift EP3 because i prefer the front lights and bumper and my private plate is an 04

    Is their anything i should look out for when buying one? Is mileage an issue? I know they are reliable but my car has 39k on it on an 05 with FSH and a few mods. I'm looking at higher mileage 04's around 60 - 70k because of my budget due to what i'd get for the Fabia, so should have
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    Welcome etc

    Mileage depends how you drive :Wink:

    You can achieve 350 to a full tank if you drive like a granny, although I seem to make around 160-240 usually. Only ever fill up so couldn't say what you get to
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    hi mate

    as andy says, have a look in the 7th Generation section, there's some info in there....but you need to sift thru a lot of shite to get to the good stuff

    anyway...checkout aswell, most of the members on there are from Scotland and there's a lot from this way (Glasgow, Edinburgh) etc
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    Cheers guys will have a wee search for the results etc

    Obviously i'm not looking for the same MPG as the Fabia but reasonable MPG around 24 in town and 40's on the motorway will do me
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    hey buddy! i won't use yur first name! lol hows things?

    getting bored of the skoda?
  7. Juego New Member Getting Started

    Not bored of it no just not doing the miles i used to so decided to go back to performance petrol

    My main miles is running to Edinburgh and back and do 100 miles to work a week so i don't really need the derv as it clocks up around 300 - 400 miles a week now compared to 1000+

    Just trying to find as much info as i can before i go out fully looking at them, want a good condition one with decent miles and FSH. And my driving has calmed down, don't drive like i stole it anymore :Smile: