after info on S2000 bellhousing patterns - what swaps to what?

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    hi all,
    wasn't sure which section to put this but i though this seemed the most suitable (mods feel free to move)

    i believe the S2000 has an F series engine - which is why i went for this section

    my question is will a Honda 2.2 CDTi Diesel engine directly bolt onto an S2000 gearbox?

    basically i have a RWD 70's sports car and i want to use it regularly doing a fair bit of mileage so i really want a modern diesel engine in it, i was thinking of fitting a BMW 2.0D but i don't think the reliability is in the same league as the Honda's but obviously the Honda needs converting to RWD so i thought will an S2000 gearbox fit any Honda Diesels, looking at pictures they look remarkably similar but before i go any further though i'd ask the experts

    cheers Luke