advice on an em1 coupe

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    Dude thats crazy... Id rather not have a car than get raped like that - how many years was that over?
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    4-5 IIRC
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    29.9% APR is an expectionally high rate, my personal loan i got throught nationwide 3 years ago for 5K was 6.9% APR, granted you won't get one as cheap as that, but there are loans around for under the 10% APR mark, a big loan no no is to keep applying for loans, as it goes down on your credit history that you have been searched, anymore than 3 times then finance/loan companies see this and assuming you have been unsucessful elsewhere, so will less likely to look favouriblly at your application.

    id also suggest getting your current loan paid off first before looking for a new agreement, again companies are less likely to lend if they see you already have another loan running, i assume you have a good credit history?, no CCJ's?, bad debt? etc?

    As fr the car, stuff thats already meantioned, check for rust on the rear arches where the bumper meets the arch, check rear trailing arm and LCA bushes, as these are week spots, sticking rear calipers is another good one, just a few things off the top of my head :Smile:

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    My two pennies worth, what I would do if I were in your shoes:

    1) Pay off the finance on your current car

    2) Starting saving up some money

    3) Put your current car up for sale and see how much you get for it

    4) Meanwhile, keep an eye out in the "Cars for sale" section for EM1's - best place you're going to find them is on here, very rare to see them elsewhere - I believe I've seen at least 3 in the Cars for sale section in the last few months (price wise, they were between
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    TBH this all comes down to the rate you get the loan for, im having to pay back
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    I think it comes down to being sensible and seeing what's within your means (even with loans/finance deals) - no point getting a loan where the monthly repayment is going to exceed what you can practically afford to pay back, after paying out your bills, living essentials etc etc

    In OP's case, seems like he needs to clear his original finance agreement before even thinking of getting a new one to buy a new car.

    Someone once said to me that my car will be the most expensive thing I ever buy, not because of the amount I pay for it (because the house will be far greater cost) but because a car is something where no matter how much money you pour into, it's value will not increase beyond a certain threshold, unlike houses/land/businesses etc, where the value will increase the better shape they're kept in!
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    Anything over
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    Why did you buy a Rover in the first place?

    and on finance?

    the K-series is Krap
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    Seeing as it was my first car i liked the look of them and never thought about what the engine was like, Finance was because i needed a car ASAP for my job as it was miles away. was originally after a diesel but this popped up and i really liked it. K-series can be good with a few pennies spent on it in all fairness