Acura NSX 6TWO1

Discussion in 'Photography & Photoshop' started by aji621, Thursday 13th Jun, 2013.

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    Adam Colchester
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    Wow.....absolutely stunning car it's perfect!! Poster material definitely!

    And that night sounds fucking awesome too you lucky bastard! Should have filmed the whole thing and made a honda diaries episode out of it lol
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    Awesome photos Adam! That colour is so nice :Smile: is it OEM or has it been resprayed?
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    awesome! and nice pics and write up!
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    Adam Colchester
    Its OEM dude!

    Man i would have but i'd been filming all day at Eibach! like i said i thought this was going to be a 15 minute jobby not an allnighter haha
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    That is stunning!

    Nice write-up as well :thumbs:
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    Lovely car, but something that really annoys me about a lot of car photographers is the framing (this isn't a dig at you or anyone else for that matter, just a friendly tip from a hobby photographer that's been doing for nearly 16 years). Something I read a long time ago, is make sure nothing will distract from the main subject and make sure nothing will appear to be sticking out from the subject, that shouldn't be there. 

    For example, lets take the shot you have posted as the topic opener. The distraction is that cone, which looks rather randomly out of place and due to it's bright colour is a distraction from the NSX, which is what the shot is all about. For 30 secs of thinking, it should've been moved, or post edited out. 

    I know it's not a perfect bit of editing, I only did it quickly to show as an example of how much cleaner the shot is, and now all the focus is on the NSX and not that bright cone, clashing with the NSX.

    As I said, it's not a dig, just a bit of friendly advise from something I read and makes perfect sense. 

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    AMAZING car looks beautiful!
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    Awesome car.
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    such a nice car especially in this colour also the wheels set it off
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    This dude makes alot of sense.

    Awesome awesome car.