Daily Driver Accour Tourer Type-S by FairFaX

7th Generation (2003-2008) vehicle added by FairFaX, Thursday 22nd Nov, 2018

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    Poland Jerzy Cracow
    Slowly, slowly forward.
    Yesterday I received the exhaust from a friend. I originally planned to build completely new exhaust, but there is no chance that I could make it, so I decided that I would go there for at least some time. It will require gentle modification for header, but this is probably not a problem.

    I will need to weld the EGT probe socket to the collector - Tuner requires it for map preparation and further tuning. I also weld a socket for second probes, but I will probably turn it off in the software. There will also be a boost sensor because I have a sensor and clocks support it, so it won't hurt.

    Sensors were already connected but don't show reliable data yet.
    I have prepared CAN harness for Hondata and power supply for the aftercooler water pump:
    Injections have returned from cleaning and checking, the parameters are equal, so they can be mounted.
    The new set of gaskets for manifolds and valve cover
    Oil catch tank also be useful, but it will probably mount it in your free time, it is certainly not critical.
    The intake, for now, remains what it is, because I could not buy a CT Icebox. So, I bought a 76 / 80mm silicone elbow, for connection 80mm throttle body:

    I decided on 5W50 oil, this time on Mobil, I will take a moment to observe the pressure and temperature and see what next, whether an additional oil cooler will be required or not.
    New sparkplugs ordered, I should pick them up tomorrow - it is known iridium NGK one degree cooler than the series.

    For sure, in the beginning, I will not go to the maximum potential of the supercharger. I will start with a larger pulley, and check how it's felt. Later on, we can release the potential of setup.
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    Poland Jerzy Cracow
    Clutch installed, FD 4.3 also. By the way, replaced one bearing on gearbox and crankshaft seal.

    update24-skrzynia-fd. update24-cc-clutch.