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    That time of the year again - time for the second full detail of the year to prepare the Accord for winter. For those that don't know, I do a full detail every six months and have done so ever since I got the car when she was only a few years old. I appreciate that the car may not seem too dirty to some people but water just runs off in sheets, there is no polish left on the car. The plan of attack was to clay it, iron x it and give it a full wax and underbody clean, as well as engine component and to apply some more of that GTechniq glass water sheeting product. Thought it might interest some people how I did it.

    This is a 2006 Accord with 110k on the clock.

    Equipment/material of the day consisted of the following:
    - Jet washer with snow foam
    - DA polisher
    - 80s and 90s rock
    - Two buckets and mitt
    - Poorboys Black Hole
    - Bithamber Medium Clay Bar
    - Meiguars Tyre Gel
    - Autoglym Alloy Seal
    - Autoglym Hi DEF Wax
    - Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber
    - Autoglym engine degreaser
    - Gtechniq G1
    - Loads of microfibre towels
    and other stuff that I can't remember about just now.

    Just a few shots of how the car looked before I started to clean it. Bear in mind I had only jetwashed it around 4 days before hand. Black cars are lovely clean, but they get dirty so quickly

    20160927_093745. 20160927_093811. 20160927_093759. 20160927_094134. 20160927_094143.

    Snow foam came out first and a heavy thick coat laid onto the car. Allowed it to dwell for a few minutes before spraying it off.

    20160927_095131. 20160927_095140.

    With the body still wet, next came out the Bithamber Medium clay bar which was split in two and destined as single use only. The first half went over the body work, with the second half going over the windows and the alloys. Bearing in mind that the body work had been jetwashed and manually cleaned with a mitt, its amazing how much dirt remains trapped. This is why you should always clay your car before waxing it as you risk just grinding the grit further into the paintwork. This image is just the bodywork being finished.


    The car was then just quickly wet down again and then the Iron X was sprayed over the car, alloys and engine. At this point, the car started to bleed. Even after claying, there were still contaminants on the bodywork.

    20160927_103505. 20160927_103258.

    The car was then jet washed again to ensure that all the IronX had been removed. The body work at this point was perfectly smooth. Here you can see that there is no polish left on the car.

    20160927_104613. 20160927_104625. 20160927_104636(0).

    The inside of the doors were also cleaned as was the door sills. At this stage I was going to cut the car back however the paintwork didnt need it so I left that step out. The car was then dried and at this stage, looked like this.


    I forgot to take any further pictures at this point as I was talking to @SpeedyGee and got distracted, however, once dry, I used the DA polisher to apply some Poorboys, Blackhole before applying two layers of Autoglym Hi DEF Wax.

    The interior was then tackled next starting with a microfibre cloth cleaning the dashboard and all other plastics with AG vinyl and rubber. All leather cleaned with AG leather care and the seats removed and the carpet all cleaned. All door rubbers moisterised to prevent sticking over the winter months and all locks sprayed to ensure they are still working perfectly.

    20160927_123010. 20160927_122917. 20160927_122929. 20160927_122947(0).

    A quick clean of the engine, which had been snow foamed at the same time as the rest of the car and sprayed with AG engine degreaser and AG vinyl and rubber care. Much better than it was beforehand.


    Front and rear windscreen then fully cleaned, after being clayed, with IPA fluid and 3 layers of Gtechniq G1 applied to both of them and a single layer applied to all side windows. Used this stuff for over a year well and I documented its effectiveness here and it helps prevent icing up of the windows too.

    Gtechniq G1 (Detailing - )

    6 hours later, the car was finally finished. Some mandatory reflection shots. Not bad for a 10 year old car with 110k on the clock.

    20160927_153619. 20160927_153739. 20160927_153632. 20160927_153715. 20160927_153650. 20160927_153700_001. 20160927_153725. 20160927_153749. 20160927_153801_001. 20160927_153837. 20160927_153826.
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    Looks brilliant, good job!
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    Fantastic Job
    Love the meticulous attention to detail
    Wish I had the time to properly detail the car too - Excellent job
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  4. SpeedyGee Club Manager Club Staff

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Spotless ! Well worth the effort :Thumbup:
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    Netherlands Marlène Maasgouw
    Ten years? Wow! She's beautiful, spotless and the deep (black hole) black paint is a mirror. Fantastic work!!
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    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
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    Thanks guys - I find it theraputic and look forward to doing it twice a year. She is babied alot however which is probably why she has never given me any issues. Next month its time for me to order her pre winter service parts (gets services twice a year too regardless of mileage) from @Holdcroft Honda
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  8. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    On a side note - I think I really need to prioritise deweeding that drive as well - looks terrible :blush:
  9. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    About time you pulled your finger out and gave her a good clean :Grin:

    Seriously though, a great job. :Hooray:
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  10. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    Thanks Nels mate - yeah, it was about time.... :Laughing:

    I do however really like this in black (drove another one the other day) - keep telling myself I am not getting another black car, but they just look so good in black I can't help it.


  11. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    When they're kept clean by obsessive people like us, they sure do.
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    Oooh is that a Gs300?

    I am really feeling the IS250 SE-L
    So much car for the money. A friend of mine bought one recently and gosh I am tempted. Lol.

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  13. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    Its the GS450h. 3.5ltr v6 hybrid putting out 360ish BHP and 0-60mph in under 6 seconds. Probably will be the Accord replacement

    The IS is a lovely car but a little too underpowered for me although I drove the 300h whereas the IS250 puts out a bit more power. Even still however, the IS is an easy Accord contender, and the GS just blows anything I am currently aware of being offered by Honda out of the water. The build quality and materials used is just sublime in the GS
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    Oooh, GS450H. it is a lovely motor. Abit to big for me though. lol.

    The lexus brand is definitely a potential upgrade to the Accord but the Accord does so many things really well. For a saloon its pretty practical, the seats fold down where as the IS series they don't, the back seat space in an IS is very disappointing plus the Accord can do over 600 miles pretty easily. The Lexus would also cost more to run, tax and insure. The Accord was very cheap to buy where as the Lexus would cost three times as much. lol

    Having said that, as you say the materials and quality in a Lexus are really on a next level when compared to the Accord. The Accord is good but the Lexus is excellent.

    Plus, have you heard the 14 speaker Mark Levinson sound system in the SEL model - absolutely stunning sound for a car system
  15. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    The IS SE trim levels don't have 60/40 split, the rest do. The SE trim is entry level. The boot isnt as big as the Accord for sure on the IS. The Lexus IS300h is £10 to tax and there isnt a huge difference in performance between the 300 and 250.

    The GS however is a totally different beast.