Engine & Gearbox Accord Type-R 60,000 service

Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by Stu T, Thursday 15th Aug, 2013.

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    My 2002 Accord Type-R is approaching its 60,000 mark and I will be changing the timing belts, is it sensible to change the tensioners & idler pulleys at the same time or will they be OK:Thumbup:
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    I would do the whole lot mate. No point doing all that work and then trying to save a few quid, it may come back to bite you later.

    Check out our club sponsors Holdcroft Honda for pricing, they offer AOC members discount and free postage.
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    Hi SpeedyGee

    Thanks again, thought that would be best but you read so many different things & I certainly don't want the old H22A7 to go pop !!