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    Oh must have missed read it then
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    Started to install the reversing camera today... this is as far as I got really... It's fecking freezing out there. The new plastic shroud is very brittle and one of the clips broke... But the cover holds it in place and there's a new sticky foam pad to hold it in place too.

    I compared it to the other side... and that also has a broken clip... but is again held in place by the plastic cover.

    Not routed the rest of the wiring yet... it's just hanging from the bootlid... The freezing cold was getting into my bones and my back was protesting, so that'll do for today. Still took me about 45 mins as there was some slight modding to the clip the shroud fixes too. Had to clip of a small slice of the plastic to allow the wire to pass cleanly into the car. There's already a slit in the plastic, I just made it a little wider. So it doesn't affect anything.

    I also fitted an LED to the numberplate light, so it's brighter to compensate for the camera partially blocking the blub. End result looks like about the same amount of light gets through. Misplaced my white LED 501 bulbs though, so pinched one from the puddle lights for now... Need to do the other side to match when I find them... they're around here some where. I found the red ones... not the whites.

    Pic is blurry... probably because my hands were shaking a little... Not taking another... it's fecking cold out there and I'm sat by a radiator trying to warm up.

    2019-01-03 14.56.54.
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    I've not updated this in quite a while... things haven't been going great recently and I've not done any work on the car in about a month.

    But I finally had the oil change done along with a new Honda filter, and flushed through with new DOT4 fluid... So the brakes are no longer spongy. I'd changed the rest of the filters a few months ago.

    I'm stumped with the wiring for the reversing cam though... I can do simple wiring, but this one has me muddled and the guide isn't exactly accurate... so it's still not finished.

    But I did replace a couple of tiny bulbs with LED's in the heated seat switches. I did replace all of them, but the icon was only half dimly lit, as the bulbs didn't reflect upwards properly... Something I was afraid might happen as the other LED's I bought that were diffused, won't fit in the holder... and the ones that do, only light in one direction.

    However, the Hi/Low lights work great... and now glow red like they always should have. :Smile:

    Crappy pic, I know... hard to get a decent one in the dark with macro.

    2019-01-29 17.06.53.
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    Latest updates.

    She's back on the road as my daily driver.

    Reversing cam finished... took a lot longer to do because the guide contains several important errors and is missing critical info regarding the wiring (wrong size housing, wrong pin count and they cut the end of a speaker cable so the RCA plug was pre-wired, but if you wanted to do it yourself, you're on your own).

    Repaired the alarm, as suspected all they'd done was disconnect the alarm rather than fixing it... So a new battery in the siren and then had to figure out the reset process myself as that guide doesn't tell you.

    Basically, when you plug in the siren... it'll keep going off. So close all doors and boot... lock and unlock it a few times from t he remote, start the car leave it a minute.. alarm will keep going off still... then turn the car off, exit and lock/unlock it a few more times (once didn't work, multiple times did). The alarm should eventually stop... Leave the car for about an hr before attempting to open/start it again... It should be ok then... Mine hasn't gone of in the 2 days since I fixed it.

    I bought the battery pack from here.

    Honda Car Immobiliser by Cobra Security Rechargeable Battery Pack

    They do 150mah, 250mah and a 320mah... I opted for the 320mah one at £26.99 delivered... It's the correct size and has the correct plug fitted. No need to do any rewiring, or cutting open the pack and rearanging the batteries to fit... Plug and play.

    I shall be getting the wheels refurbished this month, and putting the tourer up for sale... the money I get from the tourer will pay for the wheels and hopefully the spoiler painted and fitted. Then it's have a paint chip on the front wing done at the same time as the spoiler and have that rear door we replaced properly mopped to get rid of the slight difference due to paint fade.

    I think I need to get the rear droplinks and/or ARB bushes done... there's a slight noise from the rear on occasional and it sounds like one or the other. Needs to be checked and I can't crawl under it to find out. So needs to be on a ramp.

    The only other things I need are a load of trim clips for the boot... those little fir tree ones in 2 different lengths. Off to order those so I can keep the trim in place properly.
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    Took a couple of pics of the working reversing cam on my phone last night.
    2019-03-08 22.30.02. 2019-03-08 22.30.37.
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    Got 2 of the wheels powder coated last week, and picking up the other 2 later this week.

    To say they look fecking gorgeous is an understatement. :Smile:

    2019-03-19 17.08.59.
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    Looking good @Heckler :Thumbup:

    Get those centre caps tinted mate.
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    had the other two fitted today... I dithered about centre caps... even bought some black and chrome ones too... But I like the ally ones as they are, go nicely with the chrome door handles and window trim.
    2019-03-20 16.30.55.
    I might get some new wheel nuts as mine are a bit tatty

    But on the way home I had an engine light come on and the glow plug light started flashing.

    Pulled over and checked with my code reader, got a P1065 but it doesn't recognise it... Cleared and carried on.. never came back. But I've noticed a few minor niggles... Starting it when she's warmed up take 3 times as long as when cold.

    I'll be posting in the engine section about that.
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    Ordered some car shades from these guys they had a 15% off deal this weekend.

    Engine code as expected is most likely the fuel filter... which is the one filter I've not yet changed. So ordered a new one and will get that sorted when it arrives.

    Dropped the spoiler off to be painted, they're painting and fitting it for £175, I'll be doing the wiring myself as I've fine with that sort of thing. Power/Earth is really simple and I will simply tap into the feed to the 3rd brake light in the rear windscreen, and then remove the bulb afterwards... Because spoiler brake light will be more than enough and the spoiler will partly obscure the one in the rear windscreen anyway.

    Once those jobs are done, I shall take her out for a good clean and take some proper pics in a nice country location near a lake.
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    Replacement Euro rear light cluster arrived today... Time for some SYMMETRY on those rear lights at last.

    It may seem like something minor to most, but it's one of those things that bugs the crap out outta me... I hate cars with a lack of symmetry it looks wrong.

    So I found a rear light on ebay France, knocked the seller down from 40 to 25 Euro's and it arrived within a few days. A simple job to swap over, remove the bootlid lining (about 8 little clips), undo 3 small 8mm nets and simply lift of from the outside. Replacement is the reverse.

    I then fitted the red LED to ensure I still have a red foglight.

    Looks so much better and I'm now tempted to tint the rear lights a little but leave the clear section (fog/reverse) free from tinting like I did on my import MX6.

    2019-04-04 13.45.02.


    2019-04-04 13.57.08.

    With Red LED bulb on 2019-04-04 14.00.34.

    And a rough idea how they could look when tinted... I wouldn't do them this dark again, perhaps 50%. IMG_0244.JPG
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    OK then... another day another update. :Smile:

    I have a spoiler painted and fitted... just need to splice it into the brake lights for the spoiler LED and most likely disconnect the rear parcel shelf light, as it's partially obscured by the spoiler now.

    So for your viewing pleasure.... I present my latest upgrade. :Smile:
    2019-04-05 13.07.05. 2019-04-05 13.07.15. 2019-04-05 13.07.38. 2019-04-05 13.08.06.

    The spoiler is an original Honda Accord one with brake light, and cost £40 of ebay and the body shop charged me £160 for painting and fitting if I paid by cash... which was actually £15 less than originally quoted.

    He's given me a price on painting the entire drivers side of the car too, the door I replaced isn't a perfect colour match and there's a 1cm chip in the front wing that also needs sorting. It's best to paint that whole side for a better colour match and it's only going to be £450 maybe less. I'll be getting that done if/when I sell or (hopefully not) break the tourer.

    Next on the immediate list... get that fuel filter sorted to (hopefully) cure that sluggish starting and perhaps some new glow plugs... All other service items have been done... So after that, perhaps I'll do the gearbox oil on this one too.

    Then, investigate rear ARB bushes and drop links... replace and perhaps upgrade the rear anti roll bar with a whiteline one (as it comes with poly bushes)
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    Spoiler now wired up
    2019-04-07 13.31.00.
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    Sometimes it seems like there's a never ending stream of jobs that need doing.

    So today I had the fuel pressure regulator valve replaced, and that's cured the starting issue... It's really tight and you can't get the valve out on the diesel accord without undoing the top bolt on the power steering pump and slacking of the bottom one, so you can rotate it about 2cm out of the way. However, this then causes a problem pushing it back into place as the aux belt and tensioner push back. So you have to put a long handled spanner on the tensioner bolt and push it back a little whilst another person rotates the PS pump back into place and slides the bolt back in.

    I'll try and take some pics tomorrow and do a little write up for it... Whilst the Civic guide is far more detailed... there's so much more room to get at the valve on a Civic... I couldn't crack it and had to take it to the garage.. Who charged me £18 to swap it out. It took us 10-15 mins.

    Once the fuel system was fully primed again it took 2 attempts to start. The first to clear any air in the system... and he was just about to slack of and bleed them when I tried it again and it roared in to life.

    She now starts within 2 seconds or less every time... as she should.

    But... we also found a split in the power steering pipe. So now I have to get that replaced. Not for the first time either as I had to do it my tourer a couple of years ago, and at least 2 cars I looked at before buying this one showed signs of leaks in the same pipe.

    So I've topped up the PS fluid for now, and will get the part ordered and fitted next week.
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    After all that time and effort... my girl is no more.

    A drunk driver decided to go on a bit of a rampage last Sunday (18th August) and tottaled 3 cars and damaged a 4th.

    I've got a thread running about it in the 7th Generation section.

    The driver stank of booze according to witnesses, and did a runner... police looking for him... but probably not very hard.

    But the mutha fracker was uninsured, and may have even been driving a stolen car. He was a white, possibly eastern european (according to people who heard his voice) mid to late 20's, wearing a dark t-shirt and lighter coloured shorts.

    So I currently have a hire car from the insurance, it's all going through the motor insurance bureau and I can claim my excess back from that too. But given what they'll probably payout, minus excess and buy back (too many good parts to let it be crushed) I'm gonna be a grand out of pocket at least... Hence needing to part out the car to recoup what I can.

    But on the bright side... I found a replacement car within a few days. It's another 7th Generation Accord EX on an 08 plate with exactly 100k on the clock and is in excellent condition. Has been owned by an enthusiast (he now owns a Civic as does his wife) He's the 2nd owner, full Honda history including have the turbo replaced under warranty when he bought it in 2014 and the ABS module not long after that.

    MOT history was as near to perfect as you can get with only a single fail in 9 yrs on wear and tear items. Any advisories like drop links and so forth were done right away.

    I'll transfer a load of parts over, find a replacement wheel for the one that got damaged and get it powder coated because I am not losing those wheels after spending nearly £300 on having them refurbished.

    So here's the damage.... it's a long list
    Lower control arm snapped by the hub
    Driveshaft ripped out of the gearbox
    Upper control arm bent
    Shock probably cracked
    Bumper scraped
    Wheel wrecked along with tyre
    Wheel shoved back into wing, A pillar, door and sill... causing massive structural damage.
    Found a little ding in the rear quarter, and a scrape on the rear conrer of the back bumper... probably debris being thrown up.

    The car that did the damage was an 02 plate VW Passat, it was left in the middle of the road about 200yrds away with 3 wheels left on it and the 4th wedged under the car by the back tyre.

    The other cars damaged were a Ford Focus on a 55 plate, door, wing damage the wheel was struck and the front bumper ripped right off. Then there was a black Mazda 6 tourer that had a gouge in the rear driver side door. He got lucky as the VW ground to a halt along side it.

    So fair well to one... hello to a new one... hopefully an even better one. IMG_20190819_095120521. IMG_20190819_095128423. IMG_20190819_095133632. IMG_20190819_095138918. IMG_20190819_095152663. IMG_20190819_095200061. IMG_20190819_095258022.
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    Started stripping a few parts this weekend. Bootlid and spoiler transferred to the new one, as are the euro rear lights and LED's. Dash cam and reversing camera installed but not yet wired in.

    It's gonna be a slow haul... but it will be done.