Daily Driver Accord EX Saloon

7th Generation (2003-2008) vehicle added by Heckler, Thursday 27th Sep, 2018

  1. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Rear fog now has a nice bright red LED fitted, and the rear brake lights have been fitted with dual filament red LED's.

    Need to order some more push clips for the trim under the bootlid, as a few are broken now. I've got a load of clips here, so will check if they fit first.
  2. DrSam Club Moderator Club Staff

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    :Need Pics:
  3. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    It's daylight and it's damp out, give me a chance. :teasing: :depressed:
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  4. DrSam Club Moderator Club Staff

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    Haha :Grin:
    I'll be waiting
  5. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    @DrSam Took pics, came out crappy... but here they are all the same.

    Rear lights on
    2018-12-05 16.26.10.

    Brake light on
    2018-12-05 16.27.04.

    Fog light on
    2018-12-05 16.27.28.

    Pics were taken on my phone, in the rain... they really don't show how red they are with red LED's... But I compared them when I fitted to my tourer and white LED's in a red lens looks more pink, whilst red LED in red lens is a really deep red.

    These are the bulbs I used, they don't actually fit in the fog housing due to that little bulging lens cover, but the little lens on the tip will come off if you twist it gently with a pair of pliers... and then it fits perfectly. 6 rows of 6 LED's down the sides and 3 on the tip make for a very bright red light, and as they're dual filament ones... You can see how they double in brightness in pic 2.

    2018-12-05 17.05.18.
    2018-12-05 17.05.54.

    I thought they came in packs of two... as that's what the ebay auction said... but they came in packs of 4... I've used 3, and still have 5 for spares. Cost was £12, but if I'd know I was getting 8 instead of 4... I could have saved £6.
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  6. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    Have you got a link where you got them from? Might get some myself
  7. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff


    I've noticed that in the drop down box you can select either 2 or 4... so when I ordered a few days later I ordered 2 packs... But must have selected the 4 pack when I saved them to my basket... Hence 8 bulbs.

    2 bulbs are £3.66 whilst 4 are £5.99.. So cheaper to order 4 as you'll need at least 3.

    They will also fit in the indicators, because I tested them... but they turn them red obviously and you'll need a load resistor spliced into the system or they flash double speed.

    I'm still trying to find some amber LED's for the indicators with that resistor built in, but the ones that say they do... are only for cars with canbus systems... and will still have the same speed of flash issue.

    and these are the 501's I got for the inner rear lights
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  8. SpeedyGee Club Manager Club Staff

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    Thanks for the link, will be looking into these.
  9. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    A quick word of warning... When I charged the battery up on her (she'd been stood for almost 3 weeks) I got 2 error codes.

    P0504 - Brake Switch A/B Correlation.

    Now if I clear this one it stays cleared... until I turn the lights on and/or hit the brake pedal.

    So I am assuming that I'll be needing load resistors in them now... FFS.

    The second code was

    P0105 - Manifold Absoloute Pressure

    Now this one does appear to have stayed cleared... and I've started the car a couple of times. Will create a new thread regarding this one.

    So now I need to work out where to get some load resistors and where to wire them in. Do I need one for the whole system or one for each side of the car... and if I'm getting them for the brake lights, might as well get some for the indicators too.
  10. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    I would see if you can get a relay ideally. Resistors work by creating heat, subsequently removing the excess load. Relays are the better way to do it. You can get indicator relays, not sure if you can get brake light ones though
  11. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    I can't find anything about a relay for indicators or brake lights... But I can find loads of resistors with mini heatsinks on them. Would a 50w 6Ohm be good enough? and would I need one for each side? This is just one of the ones I found from a UK seller.

  12. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Dashcam hardwire kit finished and tested... Works fine, and the little stealth mount I bought means I can hide the camera behind the rear view mirror at last. In my tourer it had to sit to the side of it because the mount was too large and Nextbase didn't sell a stealth mount for the 512G. So a few enterprising sellers on ebay, came up with one themselves that fits perfectly.

    The only annoying thing I missed.. is that the hard wire kit which I bought for nextbase dashcams... is micro USB... and my 512G uses Mini USB. Luckily I have an adapter I can use to resolve that, it just means wrapping the extra wire around the neck of the mount a few times. I had the same issue in my tourer because the old dashcam I had (mini 806) was an utter piece of shite that failed after a couple of months, and the dodgy chinese seller tried all sorts of crap to get out of refunding me... Wanted me to ship it back to China at my expense, which was going to cost me around £40... Ebay washed their hands of it as usual. So I ended up getting my money back via other means, and got the nextbase instead. Which has been perfect over the last couple of years. But the old cam was micro usb and the new one was mini usb... so I had to buy an adapter.

    I'm assuming that nextbase have switched to micro usb for their newer models, which is why I bought a nextbase wiring kit with micro instead of mini... or the seller was full of crap and it's just some generic one that they said would fit things they have no clue about.

    Probably the latter. :Smile:

    And @DrSam No.. I didn't take pics. It's fracking cold out there and my phone was inside and upstairs... and the dashcam is now back in the tourer until I swap over cars in the new year.
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  13. DrSam Club Moderator Club Staff

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    They look goooood. I like it, i understand phone camera doesn't do justice but looks better that original bulbs.
    LEDs are the way forward.

    You know, funnily enough, I'm looking to get a dash cam.
  14. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    I've removed the rear brake light LED's for the moment... I ordered these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/T20-7440...ror/153268932719?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144

    But they don't work... If you plug one it... it turns of ALL of the LED's on the circuit... No amount of plugging them in and swapping them around to check polarity works... Not even plugging in a normal bulb works. As soon as you unplug one, the rest of the lights come back on again.

    So I'm returning them for a refund, complete waste of time and money... and all of those LED bulbs I bought... worthless if I can't use them.
  15. DrSam Club Moderator Club Staff

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    How come you ordered resistors for the break lights? Thought they were working?
  16. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    The brake lights work, but throw up an error code related to the brakes as soon as you turn them on, which is really annoying as it's NOT a canbus error for a failed bulb but it thinks the brake switch has failed due to the low power to the rear bulbs... So I ordered them to combat that in the same way you would with the indicators... But I really don't like the way they're wired for a brake light circuits... So I rechecked them on the indicators and they do work. But I think there's some cross wiring going on that makes them not work on the brake circuit... Possibly due to the dual circuit side, and these appear to be wired together. It's not popping a fuse, so it's not cross wired in that way, but I think they may have wired both circuits together, which stops them working... But they sold as 580 ones, which is brake lights... indicators are 582 sockets... Same bulb/holder but without the dual filament side.

    What I need is some one good with electrical to look them over and see if I can rewire them correctly. I'm assuming I only need a load resistor on the main feed and not the secondary one. I've got a soldering iron a little magnifying lens, and some heat tubing, so redoing them isn't an issue. I just need to be sure of what I'm doing.
  17. DrSam Club Moderator Club Staff

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    The resistor you purchased is for 1w your LEDs are 5w.
    You need a different resistor. I'm out at the moment, I'll see if I can find anything when i'm back. Need to do some maths to work it out lol (with a calculator)
  18. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    The load resistor is rated for 50w 6ohm, I don;t know where you're getting 1w from
  19. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Also, I used the exact same bulbs in the indicators using the same resistor harness... and they worked (but obviously changed the indicators red, so no good)... So it has to be something specific about the wiring to the brakes.

    I'd happily swap a 4 pack of Red dual filament bulbs for 2 amber ones to use in the indicators... I've got plenty spare.
    - - - Updated - - -
    OK, so here's a couple of pics of the wiring.
    2018-12-21 20.52.49. 2018-12-21 20.52.27.

    Now to me... that looks really wrong. It looks like both the power and earth are going through the resistor, but I was under the impression that only the power side needed to.

    It also looks like the wire that splits into two... would be for the dual filament side, but there's no dual wiring from the socket (small black one with 2 reds coming out of it).

    It looks completely wrong to me... but I'm no electrician... @Nighthawk do you have any thoughts... you seem more knowledgeable about wiring than I do.

    In my mind, one of the wires (live) from the small black connector should go directly to the resistor, and on the opposite side of that, the exiting wire should then split into 2 lives for the main/brake part of the bulb. The other wire should bypass the resistor entirely as it's the earth.
  20. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Right, so after some investigation... It seems that I need to bridge the positive and negative wires to the tail light... Which this kinda does, but then combines both positive wires... which is wrong for tail lights.

    So I need to rewire this properly... I just need to bridge one side of the positive not both if I understand it correctly.