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    Hi after a bit off advice on my tourer, the front control bushes were picked up on the last MOT and its due again soon so im wondering is it worth just getting those 2 bushes done or both whole lower arms ... I won't be doing it it will have to be a garage.... I have the 2 bushes 1 garage couldn't press them out they don't have the tools and honda want about £220 to do it, should i buy a set off arms with all new bushes and get someone to fit insted?

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    Better to fit the Honda bushes. Aftermarket ones sometimes don't last very long at all.
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    I fitted replacement Meyle aftermarket arms (complete with new bushes) to my '05 tourer, specifically to avoid the need for pressing. But I then kept the car for only a couple of years afterwards, so cannot vouch for the longevity beyond that.

    Either way, the arms have to be removed which requires the lower ball joints to be disconnected... while these are undone it is important to check that the ball joints are in good condition (and replaced as necessary). Wear here is very hard to spot in normal circumstances, including at the MOT and there have been many instances where the ball joint has separated and resulted in the wheel 'tucking-in' under the wing causing a fair bit of damage!
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    I agree with Jon, if I was doing the job myself I would definitely just buy the arms. But OEM bushes are better. I fitted one of each and the aftermarket one was cracking slightly after a year but the Honda one was solid. £220 sounds fair to me.
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    I definitely agree that £220 to have Honda fit OEM bushes is a good price.
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    If you mean these bushes they are easy to do at home.
    Take the arm off, get an axe saw and saw round the rubber just to leave the outer casing in the arm of the bush.
    Start tapping it out with a hammer or chisel, be careful not to dint the arm, it will come out they're not that right.
    Once out save the outer - get your new bushes and put them in the freezer for a few hours - it will slightly shrink it
    Use the old outer bit to tap the new one in for correct alignment. keep tapping it left, right, top, bottom, continuous until it sits home. Done loads of these they don't need to be pressed it (it would make the job easier) but save you a lot of money.
    Put them back on. Job done.
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    Many years ago, I did a cost analysis of replacing bushes on a control arm vs fitting a replacement control arm.

    I discovered that when having the work done by a garage and paying labour costs... there's only about a 10% difference between the two options... Having them replace the bushes takes a lot longer than a control arm... So it offsets the extra cost of buying a control arm due to the much higher labour charge.

    With that in mind, I'd always recommend replacing the control arm... because you are actually replacing 3 bushes at the same time rather than one.
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    Longer term it may work out more costly if the next replacement needs to be done sooner. But for me when you're on the driveway and you've got the old arm off you just want to put the new one on and finish the job. You don't want a whole load of extra messing about with hammers and chisels and freezers. And apparently using a hacksaw on the metal ring can help. But that's not a criticism of the poster above. I wish I had the inclination and patience, but I just don't.
    The price of new Honda arms is the root of this whole issue. If they weren't so expensive it would be a no-brainer.
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    Like most have found, it was my front (compliance) bushes that had obviously failed and needed replacement. However each arm does also have two other bushes and - once my arms were removed - these other bushes were also showing signs of wear. I'm glad I replaced the whole arms, rather than just the front bushes.
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    You can pick up a pair of control arms for around £140, so it's not gonna break the bank and it's one of those parts where you don;t 'need' to pay Honda prices.
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