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Discussion in 'Member's Reviews' started by richsprint, Thursday 25th Apr, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    I've had these for the last 6 months and they seem to be a good value tyre with reasonable qualities for the money. The seem to sell for around £67 on Oponeo, so approx half the price of the big brands in this size.

    EU ratings are: E for fuel consumption C for wet weather grip 72db for noise

    I'm not saying these tyres are excellent, just a good choice if you are on a budget. I would rather have Michelin or Yokohama, but my budget doesnt stretch at the moment to them.

    Accelera PHI 225/50 R17 98 W XL »

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    Will be watching this space. Indonesia has plenty of rubber plantation so they won't be short of fresh rubber.:Wink:

    at that price it not bad to get you on the road quickly.
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    Civic boys swear by this tyre.
    Next time if I do not find Yokohama Advan at decent price might give it a try
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    My 09 Accord had a set of new Accelera Phi's on it when I collected it in July. They were fitted by the supplying dealer, Horizon Honda in Christchurch, which to me inspires some confidence in the tyre if a franchised dealer are happy using them.

    I have covered 2,000 miles in the car and the tyres seem to be fine, although I haven't had much chance to test wet grip or cold weather performance yet. I also have no other frame of reference, so I can't comment on road noise etc relative to other tyres.
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    well I preferred to add 5 quid and get more known brand like uniroyal or vredestein, I once paid £70 for new chineese tyre which had more plastic then rubber in it so it didn't had a grip on wet at all, never again
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    Quite happy with 225-40-19 acceleras. Very soft and sloppy tyre that will ease and filter out any mistakes on your suspension or on the road. Not for track driving because the sloppines.. In normal use quite good and I don't mind if the steering takes .1s more time to react with these.
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    As with most thing buy the best you can afford, in the end it's these four bits of rubber stopping you falling of the road etc, must confess I always by top branded tyres for that reason. I know not every one is in that position though.

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    I agree these are the last line of defence.. But actually these budget tyres stoppes car very good even on damp road. Just avoided crash with a deer... But you always have to remember that quality can vary on these cheap ones...
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    For just a few £ more you can get Uniroyal Rainsport 3's that I would highly recommend. :Smile: