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    not going to burden you guys with mych more than i just split up with the missus and after 7 years yes thats 7 years it hurts quite alot, don't care if you think its stupid but i feel like shit as i was getting married this time next year. almmost feel a little better.
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    nasty..... chin up tho mate she could have done it after u got married
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    ^ this is true new begining mate :Smile:
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    ah im really sorry to hear it mate. for what its worth, me and my mrs have split up recently. and its hard to adjust, but loadsa girls have come crawling out the woodwork since they found out and im just having a good laugh!

    as said above, chin up mate. itll get better soon. just keep some good mates around with you and don't be afraid to talk about it.
  7. Prince Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Head up mate. If it nots meant to be...
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    Harsh mate.

    No chance of sorting it??
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    chin up buddy
  10. Bong Guest

    22, time to get your sex on
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    Hur dat
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    hot dannnnnnnnnnng go get some pooooon. get crackin dude. i know its hard, but life goes on mate, its the only way to think about it. you can't sit around moping about it.
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    atm no mate she needs space and i'm going to give her space we went through similar before and the day i pulled someone else she wanted me back. but whatever happens will happen.
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    Sure she's not just feeling a bit under pressure? Weddings christmas seven years.. 22.. might of had a shock to the system? Have some fun whilst your apart make up for the last 7 years of loyalty, and if she wants you back.. what will be will be mate!
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    me an my now ex broke up bout 3weeks ago now after 3 1/2 year ino its no were near 7 but like some1 said lifes goes on i was out few days after an got my sex on from the word go... now i probly got aids or some other sti lol.
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    thanks guys really appreciate the support and advise. i don't really get the whole shagging anything that moves, but who knows whatever happens happens.