Service & Maintenance a note on StepWGN rear brake pads

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    I bought a replacement brake pad set from ebay for the rear of my StepWGN RG1. They are "Blueprint ADH24292". The box states that the Elysion 3.5 and the Crossfire 1.8 & 2.0 take the same ones.
    They come with a new black shim attached to each pad backing plate. The inner pad that touches the caliper piston has a second shim that is silvery, but this is not included in the box. The original silver one won't fit over the new black shim because lugs are in a different position. Sometimes, cost is ironed out of pattern parts, so I did wonder whether the second silvery shim was no longer required, but I finally decided to swap over the shims from the old pads onto the new ones so that the silvery shim could be retained. Does anyone know the second shim's purpose? Is it to minimise heat conduction back into hydraulic fluid? Or maybe to stop differential corrosion with the caliper piston? If the original black (antisqueal?) shims hadn't been in OK condition, I would have had to ditch the silvery shim, or maybe buy an OEM pad set.

    The Haynes manual for the CR-V records that a sprung-metal pad spring is fitted in the rear caliper body and that it straddles the disc. I didn't have these, so I thought they might have been lost, but I can't see one on the parts diagram here either. I had been driving around for 8000 miles like this with no ill effects, but I'm curious as to whether StepWGNs have them.
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    I had replaced the rears with the blueprint ones - wasn't happy at all with the amount of dust nor the wear rate of the pads and disks (grooved substantially). Ultimately wound up replacing both disk and pads with OE Honda ones.

    More expensive by a bit but I do wonder if my disks would have been ok if I had just gotten the OE pads to start with. The OE ones came with all the shims as well so happy days mine at least is back to original Honda spec.

    Those pads were used on several different models unfortunately all were JDM spec so dealer or one of the OE Jap parts websites.
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