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    There are many Honda remote fobs on ebay that look just the OEM ones, but you need to know the correct frequency in order to buy one that can be user programmed to your car. I've mentioned before that Wikipedia is unclear whether older JDM use the European or American standard.
    Well, today I put my StepWGN RG1 (2005--2009) remote on an expensive signal analyser, and I could see the two peaks of Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) and they were at 312.1Mhz, separated by 60kHz. The nearest commonly sold key fob is for 313.8Mhz, so I expect this is what my StepWGN is using, and there is a bit of room for variation due to tolerances.
    If you have a JDM Honda from a similar era, there is a good chance yours is the same.

    I hope this is of some help. Post here if you have success in programming a Chinese 313.8Mhz fob to your car.
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    If you find a good source for a second fob please leave a link here I've been looking but only coming up with second hand units. The question has been asked a few times on the Stepwgn club uk FB page with no real answer.