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    Hi all,

    Sorry been off line for a while, was made redundant unexpectedly which was a shock. Life will go on though.

    Anyway, my CR-V petrol is due a service soon under the service plan and I have a few things I want them to do/check as part of it I wanted some advise on:

    OIL - to date the car (before my ownership) has been serviced using 5-30W oil, the handbook says first choice 0-20W, only use 5-30 if that isnt' available. I am going to push they use the 0-20W oil as mentioned in the handbook. Suspect they won't want to as it's cheaper for them to use the latter but I'm going to push.

    DWS - Soon after picking up car it went off again (did so on test drives). Ended up having to buy new tyre, then another to match up tread depths. Better since then but still goes off at least once a month. There is a post on here explaining the modules that specifically need latest firmware on, going to ask for that. Also going to point out the MOT they did before sale advised of a nail in the very tyre that needed changing, suspect they decided not to do the decent thing and let me find out the hard way. Overall not impressed with this going off so often, puts you on edge. Tip I did learn from service manager, if you reset DWS 3 times in a row that does a hard reset.

    Engine Tappety - When I collected the car end of Jan 2018 it was very quiet and refined. The last month or so it is particularly tappety, especially from cold start, suspect the tappets need checking and adjusting. Should I be liable to pay for this given it's under full honda warranty and service plan? Does it have to be done from cold, if so I should drop it off the night before.

    ECONOMY - I don't drive like a lunatic, and all cars to date I have managed to get the claimed economy if not better. The CR-V petrol is not known to be that good on fuel but I am averaging 22MPG locally and 30MPG on a long gentle run. This is worse than my previous TDV8 Range Rover and the car is far from brisk. Is this just how these cars are, it's a great car otherwise in terms of comfort etc. Maybe if the tappets are out of adjustment that could be linked. I generally have the economy mode switched on btw, that seems to help a little but does blunt the limited performance further. My feeling is that the auto box is the main culprit, it is very unwilling to change down leaving it out of the power band and struggling. Using the paddles helps alot in these situations without having to rev it hard.

    BATTERY - A few weeks ago the car really struggled to start, it was turning over slowly and wouldn't quite catch. I tried again and it started. My thoughts were the battery maybe getting weak and in need or replacement. I have a smart optimising charger which I used and it has not done the same since. A new one fitted is £100, normally batteries for me last around 5 years. I will ask them to check it but don't want to buy one until it is needed.

    If anyone has any prior experience or advice on these I'd be grateful. Hoping the dealer will do a good job in a couple of weeks and any bill will be reasonable outside of any warranty/service plan work.
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    That's a fair old set of questions.

    Firstly, sorry to read about the job situation, I hope things get better soon.

    Right, back to the service. If the dealer won't se the correct oil, go to one that will.
    0W-20 should also give you better MPG!

    I don't have DWS and don't know enough about it to comment further.
    WRT economy, maybe @FirstHonda can advise better. He has had 2.0 auto CR-Vs.

    Odd to get tappety noises with your mileage. What's the oil level like?

    When you do change the battery, get the new one from Holdcrofts. That way you get a genuine Honda one, next day delivery and Club Discount (They are very, very good on price!)
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    Hi there

    While I can't answer all your Qs, I can answer some.

    Having recently bought a last of the line facelift 2.0 EX Auto, yes, fuel economy is not great, but in my first full tank, all urban driving, I got over 350 miles. Thats far more than I expected. Not been on a long mway/dual c/way run yet, so suspect as the engine matures and is bed in, it will improve.

    Yes the pace is lethargic a bit, but remember, its NOT a turbo engine. I get that and can live with it - least I don't have to worry about DPF issues!

    don't forget, CR-V is a heavy car and takes power to shift it.

    When I had a test drive, the car moves pretty rapidly and quitely at 40mph-plus, so there is performance there, just all at the top end.

    DWS - probably needs a software patch.

    Tappet sound - probably needs a proper oil change. Short of you standing there watching what oil is used, perhaps get it serviced elsewhere.

    But for me - the engine is silent, smooth and so refined - I don't think I will ever go back from petrol now. Screw hybrids too. All these stupid ecowarriors who think batteries and electricity grows for "free" on trees....don't get me started!!!!
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    As with Dark Knight, I can't answer all your queries but I've has personal experience with 2 of them so here goes.

    DWS - I've had 2 new 4th Generation CR-Vs. Both were petrol autos with torque converter gearboxes. The 1st was a Black Edition and I grew to dislike the blingy embellishments, low profile tyres and apparently non-standard ICE system so much that I sold it after abut 18 months and bought my current one (details in signature line). I am much happier with this one and intend to keep it for some years. The DWS fitted system is pretty basic and in one of the Which? owner surveys was the most prevalent fault reported (5% of owners surveyed reported problems). The system threw up spurious activations on both my cars. On both of them the problems were cured by dealer software updates. Never the less, I've bought a Tyrepal stand alone TPMS which gives a real-time read out of the tyre pressure and temperature of each individual tyre. Should the car's system alarm now (not that it has) I would just glance at the Tyrepal monitor to see what the position was with each tyre before stopping unnecessarily to check each tyre. It also means that tyre pressure checks are a thing of the past for me.

    Economy - On my current car, over 8000 miles, I am averaging 36 MPG measured on a brim to brim basis. That also includes some towing of a trailer. I am happy with that and it is about what I was led to believe would be the case by the dealer and in published Honda documents. In order to achieve that however I have the car in Eco mode constantly unless going up a long incline, on say a motorway, when I switch it off to maintain position in traffic. As has been said, the car is not for boy racers, but the drive is quiet, very comfortable and probably best described as leisurely, which suits me just fine these days. Like the Dark Knight for a large lump of car like the CR-V, I believe 36 MPG is more than acceptable. For the record (but I'm not sure it gives better economy), I've only ever used BP standard petrol.

    All in all, I'm very pleased with the car, particularly the cavernous cargo area with the seats down. And apart from the DWS issue, I've had no other issues with it.

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    United Kingdom Andy Bracknell
    Firstly, thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions.
    Nels, the oil level is spot on, it may not be the tappets making the noise, could well be something else (e.g. if the battery is low on charge maybe the extra load on the alternator ...?) Also good tip on Holdcrofts parts.

    The car is booked into the local Honda dealer for 6th next month, I will speak to them beforehand to make sure they will use the correct oil and can update all the relevant firmware, if not then I will cancel and get done somewhere that will.

    I do like the car, it's a very clever design, but I am suspicious about the MPG, it does seem low. For example I've been using my old 2005 Audi A6 quattro, automatic with 3.2 V6 petrol engine and that easily does more MPG and isn't a light car either. Hopefully there is something that can be fixed easily such as brake binding.

    Thanks for the tip on tyrepal, I will take a look as I do find it concerning when the alarm goes off, you wonder if you really do have an issue and tend to stop at the nearest garage to check.

    I use the brim to brim method too for monitoring MPG, I also made up a spreadsheet to calculate MPG, cost per mile and estimated range.

    I will update everyone after the service.

    Thanks again and enjoy the weekend.
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    I found the fuel economy on my petrol/auto CR-V more susceptible to driving style than most cars I've owned. With real concentration premium fuel and no motorway miles, I managed mid-40s MPG over a c100 mile journey. Driven more 'normally' high 30s is what I was getting. However, my brother-in-law struggled to get more than 30-32mpg with his 'enthusiastic' driving style in an identical CR-V and switched to the 1.6 I-DTEC auto.

    The TPMS was problematic for me too, but a software update cured it.
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    United Kingdom Andy Bracknell
    Hi everyone,

    Firstly, thanks again to all that replied. I thought I'd post a quick update.

    The service was done on the booked date. They did put in the 0W20 oil with no hassle or cost. The ticking was put down to oil, DFS etc was all up to date, rest no fault found.

    At the time a little disappointed, as wasn't sure if they had actually done anything. Also they could not give me a copy of the invoice as it was on a service plan. This was strange as I asked for this when I purchased the car and got the first 3 invoices, useful for the history, and also for things like brake pad wear, tyre treada depth etc. Will try again with the guy that helped me the last time.

    Anway, the ticking is much improved and so far I'm getting an extra 3MPG on average so a slight improvement.

    All in an OK experience, happy for now and the car continues to run well.

    Thanks again.

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  9. joe cash New Member Getting Started

    As with any vehicle it is extremely important that the oil used to service the engine meets the specification laid down in the handbook in the honda R20A9 0w-20 oil is specified. Believe it or not this specification of oil is used in motorsport engines. Your R20A9 engine is not a run of the mill engine - although very relaible it is a highly specified and technical piece of kit. - if your honda dealer or whoever serviced your vehicle used 5-30 he needs a kick up the pants as a minimum - he could have knocked thousands of miles off the life of your engine
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    United Kingdom Andy Bracknell
    Hi again

    Another update, I have recently had the chance to do several longer journeys that I have made regularly in the past.

    On each occasion the MPG is much improved, around 40mpg on one and 37mpg today.

    That is much better than before so I am assuming the 0w20 oil is the reason.

    I shall be making sure that is used from now on.
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  11. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I've seen 0W-20 listed as 'fuel efficient' oil on Honda literature.
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    United Kingdom Andy Bracknell
    Hi Nels,

    Yes on the service desk there was a banner saying the same as a service upgrade for an extra £20.

    It does really seem to have made a difference which is good news.

    However I did not pay that as the service plan should use the oil specified so I do feel that it a bit cheeky not using it by default.

    Anyway wanted to share.

    Thanks Nels
  13. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Good man. I wouldn't pay extra either. After all, it's what they should be using in the first place.

    I'm convinced it does too.
    Glad to read that you're of the same opinion.

    Happy days...:vtec:
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    England Keith Essex
    I'll keep all this in mind when mine goes in for its 2nd (free) service in November. It'll be interesting to see if they try and charge extra for the oil specified in the handbook.

  15. joe cash New Member Getting Started

    I have been told by Kerax oils that my petrol 2 litre 2013 honda CR-V auto AWD/4WD (whatever you want to call the system) can use
    Kerax HyperDrive KXR 0W20 for the engineAND
    the rear Diff oil Kerax HyperDrive KXR 75w90 GL5
    as the kerax engine oil is around £18 for 5 litres
    and the diff oil is around £23 for 5 litres
    they represent good value - anyone used them?
    As the auto box "fill" is only partial I stick to the honda fluid