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    Hi,can anyone assist,I need a replacement flasher hazard relay,I can locate used ones on e bay however not new, I believe it's a relay unique to the CR-X,and JDM Del Sol, is different from the same year Honda Civic. I looked at Halfords(reluctantly) I'm prepared to go this route can anyone inform myself how many pin the relay is on my car.

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    Great question, I actually own one myself, though mine's the OBD2A '96 model, rather than your D16Z6 powered OBD1 example.

    If you can drop us an email to, I can look through Honda's own parts diagrams and get a part number for you to see if it's still available from Honda. Alternatively, a few breakers may have them available.

    You can email us via, I hope to hear from you soon.

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    Thanks ,will do!
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    The part number is,FR_3501 Mitsuba flasher,
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