General 93,Civic CR-X esi

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    Today my CR-X didn't want to start,it made a screeching sound when turning the key,after about 6 attempts it started and a lot of white smoke poured out of the exhaust, yesterday exceptionally rainy here, I took it for a 40 mile run and its back to normal.the fuel main relay has been replaced ,my next guess is the ECU .rain ingress,can anyone confirm this diagnosis and apart from putting it away in the garage every night any tips on preventing this happening again.
    Thanks Korky
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    Screeching sound to me sounds like something was seized on the drive belt, could be a pulley, alternator etc. White smoke with a hit of blue is normally symptoms of oil finding its way into the cylinder thing white smoke is normally indication of a head gasket failure.
    In your case the smoke could be due to the car failing to start if it just white smoke and could be just because its cold start.
    When was your car last serviced?