Pre-Purchase 8th Generation diesel tourer as a reliable family car?

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    Hi all, I'm on a fairly tight budget of around £4k for a reliable family car to be used at weekends (I have a daily driver). Reliability is a must, plenty of room for 2 kids in the back and a decent boot for either the dog or some luggage if we're going away. Sensible running costs would also be nice. I'm looking at 2nd/3rd Generation petrol CR-Vs (meet all of my above criteria but the running costs) but am wondering if an 8th Generation diesel accord tourer could deliver similar results in a more attractive and enjoyable to drive package at this price point.

    In short, if I were to buy one at this price, what should I go for. Potential DMF/EGR/DPF issues are not something I'm keen to risk, but I'm reading that the 2.2 I-DTEC isn't too bad on this front? Are these capable of doing north of 100k miles without too many problems and what should I look out for?

    Any pointers much appreciated.
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    I bought one with 52K. Its now on 90K. Never missed a beat. Ever. I drive in town a lot and not even seen a regen light in 40K miles. Passes MOT's with no advisories. One headlamp bulb replaced and I cracked a rear spring (road potholes). Just back from Scotland with Labrador and wife @50mpg overall in an auto. Boot not the biggest but big enough for 95% of cases. Great drive as well and the engine and auto gearbox is a combination made in heaven.
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    Thanks for that, went and looked at one today. Was a bit smaller than I was expecting, compared to the Mazda 6 I've spent time in, but a lovely car. I think the seats are the most comfortable I've ever sat in and I love the styling.

    Unfortunately the one I viewed was a bit of a dog. Evidence of battery leaking, no radio code, DPF on forced regen cycle (DPF symbol with exclamation mark) and firmly in limp mode. Plus a 30k hole in the service history.

    Will keep shopping for a tidy one.
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    Hi Jim, Had mine (2009 Ex Tourer, 115k) for the last year, and was lucky as the DPF had been replaced at 93k, so hopefully plenty of life in her yet! Only issues I've had (now on 124k) are typical to this model; ie, Rust on the Sunroof surround (sounds bad, but really isn't as is confined to the removable glass section----I had an Opel Manta once, where the whole roof was rusting!---, so aim to replace with a 'scrappy' in the next few years / The windscreen retainer (O/Side) has worked lose (there is a thread on this site regarding a glue that you can buy to hold it in place, or just go to a windscreen repair mob like I did... Cost a tenner) / and lastly, the most expensive and pretty common fault, the EGR Pipe has cracked (this'll cost you around £500.00 to get repaired....mine's booked in for next week). I use this car everyday, and love it; comfortable, speedy, and has all the toys. It has it's faults, but then, don't they all.
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    Many thanks. The one I viewed (ES GT) didn't have a sunroof I think, is it only on certain trims?

    EGR pipe issue I wasn't aware of, any tell tale signs without someone more mechanically minded than me checking the car over?
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    With the EGR cracked or suspect, you'd be looking at a car that you can smell diesel exhaust, particularly if opening the bonnet after the engine has been running for a while, I suppose the real tell-tale sign is the loudness of the car when accelerating, but from a viewing as a stationary vehicle perspective, get the engine to rev and you'll be aware of (apart from the smell of exhaust), the sound like you've a hole in the exhaust system (which in reality, is what you have). Looking from the front with the bonnet up, the EGR pipe s situated on the right-hand side, and has been known to throw out loads of smoke if cracked (but note, this doesn't always occur). Mine has been noticeable for the last 4000 miles, if not more; the MPG is still good, and apart from the noise / occasional fumes (outside, not inside the car), you'd never know you had a problem.
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