ICE & HFT 8th Generation Accord EX Navi - cannot find suitable Android unit to fit??

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    Really need some help here - we purchased an Accord knowing the satnav wasn't working. Reading up on all the issues with the bluetooth modules I'm reluctant to fix the Sat nav read error only to find out the bluetooth functionality isn't great.

    I've been looking for a suitable android head unit to replace this, but all the ones on eBay and aliexpress don't seem to be the right one. We have the estate EX, and the navi display has a curve underneath it in the dash, and the ac temps are in a long thin display at the top of the radio. All the android replacements I've seen expect there to be a small screen in the dash rather than a full size navi one.

    Is there a suitable android unit for this car??? I've found ones that look the right shape but what happens with the AC temp display?? It has an Amp in the boot which can complicate some installs.


    Many MANY thanks if someone can help on this!! I've been searching for quite a while for a solution

    My ultimate aim is: Tomtom navi app / [working] bluetooth / existing reversing camera wired in

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    There was a thread on he a short while back a guy wanting to do exactly that-he ended up giving up due to wiring up to the external amp!!!!! Bluetooth issues on the 8th Generation Accord are few, So whats up with the satnav? as that my be an easier fix in the end, as most problems are the DVD reader.
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    can't be done with the Premium sound system ! I tried and spent days with my car in bits. Only way around it would be to completely rewire the factory speakers/Amp. There is no ISO lead to suit the premium system and all the connections go through the CD changer, Not the back of the Stereo like i orignally throught. Also it would mean you would loose all your Climate control display.

    I ended up putting mine back to factory. I was gutted
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    Thankyou so much for your feedback, confirmed what I hoped wasn't the case

    For the Satnav, I like the tomtom as the traffic information is really detailed, the amount of time it has saved us over the past few years has made it really worthwhile.

    I was concerned about the bluetooth as there's quite a few people complaining regarding having to keep re-connecting their phone frequently. If this isn't so common then I'll give it a go.

    I guess the alternative option is simply to fit a standalone tomtom, or feed an AV input to the in-dash display from retrofitted android device. Maybe this could be placed above the cigarette lighter socket...

    Really appreciate all your input, I'll have a go at swapping the DVD mechanism myself. There's a few to choose from aliexpress
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    No problem, Sorry it wasn't better news.

    I used to have a problem with my Bluetooth but found out it was actually my phone causing the problem as since having my new phone just before Christmas it has been absolutely fine and connects much quicker too. Probably something to do with Different Bluetooth Modules in different phones.

    I have seen that you can get the top screen replaced with a built in PC but these are quite expensive and normally from china or Australia.

    Hope you figure something out.
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    From personal experience I'd give it a go fixing that Nav (are you sure it isn't simply a dodgy disc?), and for an in-built sat nav I must say I really like it. Ok, you don't get that Tom Tom low-down behind the icon road view as it scrolls through , but I like the split screen view that shows all your up and coming road changes, which I find really helpful. Best of luck anyway, and do pot back how you got on
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    It's now possible to repplzce the OEM Installation, i've done it with a product i have commended on Aliexpress :

    Intallation d'un Poste android 9" dans Accord Luxury (CHOGATH)

    If you want, i can help you, but the only thing i haven't do yet is to report the steerin whell command of the phone to the new android radio.