7th Generation Honda Accord Tourer Hesitation (N22A)

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by cobra1166, Saturday 12th Oct, 2019.

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    Hi, the wynns extreme diesel system cleaner seems to be doing the job, haven't had the check engine light come on since putting it in the fuel tank, just haven't had the dry weather to clean out the EGR yet, every day I've had at the weekends free it's been raining and high winds.
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    image. This seems to have worked, no more check engine light.
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    Hi, I was wondering if the bulbs in the electric Windows and other switches could be changed or do I have to buy new switches.
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    Unfortunately the LEDs that illuminate the switches are soldered on to the board (I've only checked the ones on the drivers side accord 7th Generation though). I've got one on the desk in front of me that I stripped down to double check the other day after some one else asked the same question.
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    If the FSV is part of the problem... you can clear the fault and it may stay away for months before it comes back... On my old tourer it came and went for 2yrs before I could no longer clear it and had to replace the valve.
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    knock sensor can cause this but you would have a code and check light if this is issue
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    Hi, I haven't had chance to check the EGR yet as it hasn't stopped raining when I've been of work. Hopefully will get to look soon, it's got to stop raining for a weekend when I'm not working.
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    Don't forget to check the 2 air sensors... one is near the EGR and the other is behind the airbox... be careful with them and give them a squirt with something like Wynns Air intake cleaner, and the EGR with wynns diesel EGR cleaner.

    I'm sure there are other brands that are just as effective... but I've only sued the wynns ones so far.
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    Hi Heckler, I have cleared the two air sensors just got the EGR to clean one weekend when it's not raining.
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    Hi, I have managed to get out and remove the frequency solenoid valve and check the pipes, I sprayed switch cleaner in the valve and let it soak for a minute and then sprayed some more cleaner in again then sprayed a little bit of WD40 in and let it drain, when I reconnected and started the car up the check engine light went out and the car is running much better now and the warning light has not come back on as yet.
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    Hi Ash, I've just cleaned my frequency solenoid valve with spray switch cleaner and then some wd40 and the check engine light has gone out and hasn't come back on yet and car seams to be running better, I did spray quite a lot through each of the hole's.
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    That sounds all to familiar... it will come back... maybe not a for a few months... but it will come back and the gaps will get shorter and shorter... until one day it won't clear. :Smile:
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    Hi, I have cleaned the frequency solenoid valve and used supreme diesel and the check engine light has gone out and not come back on so fingers crossed its sorted.