Suspension, Steering and Brakes 2nd Generation coupe - ABS problem

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    Richie Northants
    I'm keeping an eye on a 2nd Generation Coupe on fleabay, it has a short MOT and has a ABS fault showing up on the dash.

    91 Honda Legend Coupe auto amazing spec condition impossible to find,2 owners | eBay

    Now I know this is like asking how long a piece of string is but what are the likely causes of this kind of ABS fault and what should I be looking for if I go and have a test drive?

    Whats the availablity of parts for these old beasts, is it breakers only or can I still order new parts in from Japan or the US if I need to replace something?
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    Hi mate seen them too on ebay. :Thumbup:in an ideal world you want a code reader and have a cheeky read of the ECU on the test drive to see what DTC are stored they will give you a clue.

    I think it can be anyone of these and options 1 and 2 will be expensive let alone get parts

    1) The ABS modulator failed
    2) ABS sensor
    3) ABS pick up ring
    4) wiring fault
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    Richie Northants

    Thanks for the quick reply Ichiban, I love the shape of those old coupes but I'm not sure I want to throw a grand at a car then probably spend a fortune getting it sorted, not when there are 3rd Generation Saloons with full honda history floating about for £1500.

    Are there any problems I should be looking for on a 3rd Generation Legend, apart from the standard Autobox and electrical checks? I'm thinking of getting an older legend to run for a year or so to see how much it costs to run while I wait for the 4th Generation to drop in price a little.
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    In case it is any help, here is my recent experience with an ABS warning light on a Nissan Primera:
    Took the car to a local garage who suspected the ABS pump. Replacement part £700 from dealer so took a chance & got one off fleabay for the garage to change. Fault still present, not best pleased! Time for some old fashioned fault finding. I identified the wiring to each wheel sensor using Haynes manual, put a meter on to see each sensor. Then turned the steering wheel, whilst watching meter. Hey presto! Front offside sensor bad connection revealed. Back to fleabay...£60 for a used hub with the sensor & lead in it (the sensor does not come out in one piece). Figured that as this part may have travelled to the moon & back, did not want to replace my good hub with it so forked out £200 for a new sensor with lead. Fitted & no more warning light. Not saying that this is a cure for all ABS faults but the wiring to the sensor on the front wheels is probably the most fault prone bit & not all ABS faults mean the car is a write off.
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    I had a -93 coupe with manual transmission for many years, i loved it.
    - ABS warning, most common problem is bad sensor, moisture is going in by the years and destroys the sensor, i think that i changed one in rear wheel, got it from dealer.
    You can pull the codes out, just short the service connector and read the blinks from the warning light, it is located on the side of the passenger foot area, under glove box.
    I had to change also the crank shaft pulley, outer ring flew away.... That rubber what holds it failed, again new part from the dealer, got it like in a week.
    Idle adjust motor and valve can also cause problems with these "old ones", usually cleaning helps.