Reviews 2017 MeisterR Coilovers pictures and Members Reviews.

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  1. MeisterR Commercial Services Trader

    MeisterR made a lot of changes in 2016, and I am sure many of our members have done a lot to their car also.
    We want to get some fresh update for 2017, and we want to see what members have to say about their MeisterR coilovers.
    We would like some pictures (with a MeisterR sticker preferred :Smile: ) for our gallery and reviews of the coilovers from members who have used them, both new and old.
    It would also be easier to have everything under a single thread to aid members doing their own research.
    So if you have pictures of your car on MeisterR coilovers, please post them and write a short review of what you think of them.

    1. Name: (If you want to provide it)

    2. Location: (Town or County)

    3. Car Make / Model / Specific Info: (Trim / Packages / Other Mods)

    4. MeisterR Coilovers Model: (ZetaCRD, ZetaCRD+, GT1 etc)

    5. Short Review:
    a. Performance on Road:
    b. Performance on Track:
    c. Value for Money:
    d. Would you buy again:
    e. Any Personal Note:

    6. Pictures:
    Please attach any pictures you have of your car that you want to show the world.

    7. Video:
    If you have any video of your car in action on YouTube / Vimeo, please attach link to video.

    Thank you for everyone's help and I look froward to some pictures and reviews.
    As usual, we are available if you have any questions; just drop us a PM of there are anything we can help.

    MeisterR do appreciate everyone's help, and thank you for member's continue support.

    Edwin / Jerrick
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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    :goodluck: guys!
  3. Ichiban Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    England CJ Leeds
    Thanks guys I am sure a few @Members here will take up the offer.
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  4. mugen-b16sol Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    I'd buy Meisters if they did them for the Logo but too small a market I think for them to make some.
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  5. BB Baboonface Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    United Kingdom James Chesterfield
    Had mine a while now and they have been superseded by a newer model, but i guess it still has relevance in terms of feedback for others.

    Name: James (BB Baboonface internet legend!)

    Location: Derbyshire

    Car: 2004 Honda Civic 2.0 Type-S (EV1) Also DME rear camber arms, HD drop links front and rear, Buddy Club RCA's and a JDM 22m rear ARB.

    MeisterR model: Zeta R for EP3, but they bolt on to a 5 door too. (Adjustable damping set 6 clicks from soft at the front, 10 at the rear)

    As a disclaimer these were fitted and set up by myself with very little prior mechanical experience, so they might be even better when set up by professionals.

    Must say these coilovers are the best thing i ever did car wise, they rendered a complete transformation, both in terms of looks and handling.
    They bring a precise and engaging feel to the car as a whole, steering is responsive and you can actually feel what the car is doing and make inputs or adjustments based on that feedback.
    Saying this, the damping is such that despite providing a great deal of information to the driver, the ride on MeisterR's is not harsh. Yes, you know you are on coilovers, but there is no danger of an unplanned visit to the dentist! No complaints from passengers either, including my 77 year old Father.
    Not been on track with them, but they bring an effortless confidence to the drive if you fancy a spirited blast in a twisty 60 zone, paired with decent tyres they make my grocery getter actually quite exciting.

    Value for money is a definite, especially given the finance deals you can get when purchasing. Not breaking the bank and they are still performing after nearly two years of battering on UK roads.
    Would buy again, especially seeing the newer lines with various improvements.

    Good customer service too, helpful with my dumb questions even after purchase.

    Pictures, bear in mind the coilovers are almost maximum height, but the steering geometry of the 7th Generation does not take kindly to being slammed.

    Very tall before:


    Less tall after:






    With chunkier rubber:


    And 16" OEM winters:


    Hope that is of some use, @MeisterR i saw you were setting your sights on the USA, best of luck, truly hope it works out well.
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  6. jab_eg Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    North Yorkshire

    Civic EG B16A2

    MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta R - Purchase 2009/2010

    Road performance is fantastic, smooth but firm. Turned all the way to soft for a stint at daily use, no complaints here. Unfortunately not had track experience with them to date.

    Value for money, back when i bought then is outstanding!

    Would you buy again? 100% and already have for another vehicle.

    Service from MeisterR is first class, i have dealt with Jerrick direct and can not fault. Spares readily available and advice too.

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