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    Good afternoon all,
    Your advice would be gratefully received, Im, considering purchasing the above vehicle, I commute 24 miles a day (12 one way mixed and 12 M1) with some frequent journeys to Wales do approx. 12k a year. What sort of MPG do you get the real world? what does a full tank cost and how many miles are you getting roughly. What are your views on 1.6 or 2.2 diesel, too low a mileage to consider?
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts,
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    England Keith Essex
    I've had 2 of them. My current one is MY15 bought new in December 16. Over the circa 12000 miles covered thus far, including a couple of thousand towing a P6e, but nearly all done on rural roads in eco mode, it's averaging 35.6mpg. This is accurate as it's all recorded on a brim to brim basis using standard BP fuel. The cost of a full tank will depend on the (ever-changing) cost of fuel, however the tank capacity is 58 litres, therefore, using the cost of petrol at my last fill up at £1.28 litre, a full tank would be £74.24.

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    United Kingdom JD Home
    Not for your journey profile. Petrol will be better for you.
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    England Keith Essex
    Agreed. Using modern diesels for low mileage given all the wonderful eco equipment they now have (EGR valves, DPFs, DMFs, etc. etc.) is inevitably going to end in expensive maintenance issues.

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    United Kingdom Sandy NORWICH
    I ran diesel cars for the last 6-7 years, and only do about 10k a year. I have not had any diesel related issues, and my current CR-V 2.2I I-DTEC auto diesel is running fine the last two years. I do take advantage of open roads and make sure the car exhaust is getting hot, on a regular basis.
    Provided you can get the engine up to temperature and the exhaust hot then diesel should not be a problem. If you are in slow moving stop start traffic then petrol is the way to go.
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    Thanks for your input, so in general terms would you say about 250-300 how tankfull? I know it depends on driving style but every car I have ever owned has pretty much done the same mileage to a tank.
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    England Keith Essex
    I usually fill mine when it's just short of 400 miles.

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    Hey Keith, your getting approx 400 miles to a tank/ seems pretty good for a heavy old auto, whats the worst to a tank.
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    Hey Sandy, what sort of mileage do you get to a tankful? (see previous post, trying to establish exactly how costly the petrol will be)
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    Greece Panos Nicosia
    For 2015 CR-Vs 1.6 ZFs are know to have hardware problems.
    16 CR-Vs ZFs were hardware revised and are trouble free.

    There was an article. If you can find it post the info here for future reference.
    :Smile: I wonder how many people knew this but they don't tell
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    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
    In my 5 speed auto I'll get 32-35 on the way to work but only 27-29 on the way back due to traffic. On my journey to Wales via the twisty route and the car fully loaded up I've got 37mpg. On a decent run I've had 40mpg a few times but 37 seems easier to get.

    I do miss diesel torque but I've no stress of DPF or clutch issues now so still live the car 4 years on.

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