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    What's the MPG figures like in real life of a 2008 Legend?
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    Hi, it depends on your driving (of course). I get below 20 if I'm driving in town the whole time and over 20 if not; the best I've seen in the past year is about 28 and the worst was in the 15s. I only do around 3000 miles a year so live with the high MPG but I'd love to hear from people who did an LPG conversion.
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    Certainly does depend on how it's used. I've done 40,000 miles in mine. I live in a fairly rural area on the south coast. The worst I've had is around 17mpg, that's caning it very hard through the Alps. The best I've had is around 32 MPG. The Legend won't use top gear until you are doing over 40 mph, so the longer you spend at low speeds, the more you will use.
    If I'm travelling say, Eastbourne to Liverpool, using A roads and Motorways, 30 MPG is easy, especially if you cruise around 70 mph. I have seen 4 MPG on the trip computer displaying real time consumption, but that was with the pedal hard into the carpet at an indicated 160 mph on a German Motorway. The car has averaged 25.4 MPG over the last 10,000 miles of general use, and would have been more except I crave the noise it makes on V-Tec, so take every opportunity to ET it off the leash when I can.
    More significantly, the car is simply fabulous to drive. Even after 5 years ownership, I love every minute in it. I've been all round Europe 3 times, and it's never missed a beat. If they still imported them, I'd have another in a heartbeat.
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