Electrical & Lights 2006 FR-V D ... R/H indicator not working ...

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by Giles Hamilton, Friday 12th Jan, 2018.

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    Hi folks ... I've got a 2006 FR-V and the right indicator has stopped working. When sitting in the car and u pop the stalk down for left all is ok and you can hear
    the relay ticking with the indicator. If you pop the stalk up there is no clicking or power going to the indicator and it does not flash ... the bulbs are all good and the hazards work ?

    can't afford Honda prices so has anyone got a direction i can go with this ?
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    This fault is always related to the Integrated control unit, which is quite easily replaceable at a DIY level. I got mine from this seller https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/38650-SJ...l:FR-V&hash=item239761ec7c:g:g8YAAOSwopRYbiCV
    which was a great service, as it comes with an extract tool, which makes the job a lot easier. Probably arouund 15 mins. That was around 2 years ago and everything is still good. I expect used units are available too, however given the age of the FR-V now, im not quite sure how long they will last. There is a thread on this forum from a couple of years ago about this. Hope this helps.
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    Hello all, firstly a big thank you for the ICU advice, I have just replaced the ICU on my 2005 FR-V and although it has solved the indicator fault, my alarm is now offline?I
    I am on holiday and needed my indicators so I bought a new ICU from a local dealer, the swap was reasonably straight forward, although I didn't disconnect the battery for the works.
    I'm wondering do I need to disconnect the battery to reset the alarm or reboot the ECU's?
    The alarm is a factory fitted item and has never played up.
    Any advice welcome, John
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    Do you mean you changed the MICU unit?

    Definitely worth disconnecting the battery for a short while and reconnecting.
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    Hi Speedy,
    I changed the ICU behind the internal fuseoard which controls the hazards, indicators etc. It started to play up on my 250+ mile trip to Cornwall for a holiday
    Unfortunately I didn't bring any tools with me.
    The old module stinks and the indicators and hazard lights now work fine, just the alarm seems to now be offline, as in it doesn't activate when locking the car and there is no flashing light on the dash.
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    Thanks guys , managed to change the icu without the tool and without disconnecting the brown one , it took me 5 min , all done LIGHTS ON , Honda quoted me 128£ just to replace it