2005 JDM Honda Legend smart key issue

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    Hello, I am running out of ideas with my legend. I bought the car about 1 year ago from Japan. Unfortunately it only came with one of the smart keys (which is the card type) and that key does not have the metal blade key to open the car when the battery is flat. the car functioned fine for about 6 months. The first issue I had with the car was that it locked the doors with the key inside running. shortly after that the car was locked and it would not recognize the key to unlock the doors.

    Curently the car functions like this: The car does not sense the key to open the doors or lock them. However it does recognize the card to unlock the ignition and start the car. The security system activates and sounds the horn and hazard lights. But the car can drive and function. The navigation or onboard screen is not working now. the climate control, stereo work fine.

    Things that I have tested or tried: I have checked all the fuses in the drivers and passenger kick panels also the one under the hood. I have hooked the diagnostic computer up to the car and I am able to access all systems except the Immobi and the Honda Smart Key Options. It says connection failed.

    Questions: Is there a fuse box I am missing or a relay that I could check. Any Help would be great Or should I set it on fire and call it a day? lol
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    Your local Honda dealer will be able to recode it.
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    I have taken it to the dealer and there equipment was unable to hook up to the ECU and they charged 84 Euros.