Sold 2005 Accord Tourer EX B507P Arctic Blue Pearl

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by Heckler, Wednesday 27th Mar, 2019.

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    Car for Sale: 2005 Honda Accord EX Tourer
    Mileage: 175k
    Condition: Good in many areas but with some flaws obviously.
    Location: East Northants

    Price: £600

    Sadly, I think it's time to sell or break the tourer.... She's not actually in really bad condition, but has a few flaws that could cost more to fix than I personally thing is worth spending.

    She was technically written of in 2017 with some minor scrape damage (non structural) to the door and wing... These were both replaced and she's been flawless ever since. I've got pics of the extremely minor damage and repairs... This is my main reason for asking so little. A quick look through my garage entry will show you some pics of the repairs and how minor they were... door, wing and under tray... and whilst that was being done, the EGR valve and air sensors were all cleaned out again.

    However, since buying a FL saloon to replace her... she's seems to have thrown a wobbly... the Aircon compressor whines when engaged... Could be the clutch or the compressor itself... It's not a problem... just have to remember to use the heater on manual rather than auto so the clutch doesn't engage. I did remove the clutch relay to stop it from engaging entirely, but that then makes the glow plug light blink away at you. I've not tried unplugging the connector to the compressor as it's a tight squeeze to get your hand down there.

    Then an airbag light came on, and as I have no HDS reader I can't check what the fault is. Common faults are clock spring or seatbelt wiring... Nothing major normally.

    The front bumper and grill are slightly damaged after some plonker scraped the front of it whilst in a parking space.

    Everything else is in good condition and working. It's had new rear callipers/pads less than 3k miles ago (sept 18) the short AUX belt mod was done in Oct. The black leather is in near perfect condition with minor surface wrinkles but no rips or tears anywhere. A new power steering hose was fitted 18 months ago and she had all new discs a couple of years ago and one of the rear hubs was replaced. A new Frequency Solenoid Valve was fitted about 18 months ago too.

    I had all 4 wheels powder coated and aside from a tiny mark in one of them... are all in near mint condition with loads of tread left on the tyres.

    There is not a spot of rust on the car that I can see, she purrs nicely (for a diesel) and on a drive back from Cornwall still gave me 54mpg... not bad for a car with 175k on the clock and around town with lots of short journeys has still been giving me 40mpg. There's a few marks on the rear bumper and a tiny little ding near the badge on the tailgate (no paint damage or creasing and could easily be popped back out)... and the tailgate operates perfectly from the remote and the button... No wiring issues here.

    She starts first time every time, and the satnav system works fine as does the 6 disc head unit (she does occasionally spit out home written discs, but has always been fine with originals... maps are out of date obviously... But there are ways to get music streaming and SD cards working with the steering controls that aren't that expensive... I used to have a grom unit installed, and I know others who have used the xcarlink ones too.

    There's hard wired dashcam cabling up near the rear view mirror and a left over mic near the interior lights from my old grom kit.

    She actually has an MOT until mid July 2019... and I am loathe to break her... But if I'm honest... If I sold the car, In the current condition with those little problems and a short MOT... I need to get at least £600 and I can get roughly that in parts and keep plenty of others on the road.

    She has a FULL service history from Fleet Honda up to 152k and I have then serviced her every 6-8000 miles at roughly 159k, 167k and is currently due the next service. I only averaged 6k miles a year and I've owned her since mid 2015 (only the second owner). Gearbox fluid was done 18 months ago too.

    Most of the work she's had done to her, was done with the assistance of @Nighthawk so she's been well taken care of in my ownership

    So to be clear... She's up for sale initially... and if no one buys here within a month... Time to start breaking I guess. She's on here and another club for the first week to give members first chance... after that she'll also go on ebay and anywhere else.

    I've got a brand new fuel filter for her too... she is due a service now. Didn't seem worth doing it myself at this asking price... the PFL filters were different to the FL, so I have no use for it and a new owner is welcome to have it.

    I've been offered a min of £600 as a trade in by a few places... And that's a steal for a car with only 2 owners, and 175k on the clock is nothing for these... She's not wanted for much really.

    The pic is an older one before the wheels where done... I'll have to get her cleaned and take some more tomorrow... Please take a look at my garage entry for the car... loads of examples of things I've done... and if I've got time I'll redo the headlights again, as they're starting to fog once more.


    I think I've been honest and blunt about it's flaws... if broken she'll get roughly that much in parts. So the price is fair and not really negotiable... Cash preferred obviously, there's almost 1/4 of a tank in her I think... She'll get through another few years with some TLC from a new owner... Since my dad passed away I haven't really needed such a large car (no need to carry a wheelchair around any more).

    If I put her on ebay... asking price will be £750 to cover all those fees... 10% or more to ebay and then any paypal fees on top... By the end I'll get close to £600 still, perhaps a little more.

    I'd much rather she went to a new home and served some one else for a while longer... but reality of things are... she may have to be broken... We'll know in roughly a month.

    Any questions, ask away and I'll try to answer all of them as best I can.
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  2. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    As promised, pics of the damaged areas.

    Scratch on the drivers side mirror casing.

    2019-03-28 18.03.27.

    Damage to the front bumper (Grill is also damaged but hard to show without removing it... It's cable tied on due to a couple of clips being broken after some plonker hit the front bumper whilst it was in a parking space.

    2019-03-28 17.53.27.
    Marks just above the rear passenger side wheel arch... These are not scratches but from something rubbing against it... I've been unable to remove them, but a proper cut and polish may help.

    2019-03-28 18.07.37.

    Paint scuff and chip on passenger side rear bumper corner.

    2019-03-28 18.07.23.

    Small ding by the badge on the tailgate... Hard to see and should push out as there's no crease or paint damage.

    2019-03-28 18.05.07.

    And pics of a couple of the wheels that were powder coated to show just how good they look. They'd look a lot better if I'd cleaned them properly before taking the pics, instead I just gave them a wipe over with a damp cloth.

    2019-03-28 17.55.24. 2019-03-28 17.58.36.
  3. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    So you've seen all the bad bits up close... This is how she looks when semi clean.
    2019-03-29 17.48.55. 2019-03-29 17.49.03. 2019-03-29 17.49.20. 2019-03-29 17.49.34. 2019-03-29 17.49.43. 2019-03-29 17.49.52. 2019-03-29 17.50.05. 2019-03-28 18.06.42. 2019-03-28 18.06.50. 2019-03-28 18.07.14. 2019-03-29 17.51.37. 2019-03-29 17.53.11. 2019-03-29 17.56.23. 2019-03-29 17.55.05. 2019-03-29 17.55.32. 2019-03-29 17.55.54. 2019-03-29 17.56.59. 2019-03-29 17.57.30. 2019-03-29 17.57.58.

    I will try and get her cleaned properly, and give the interior a valet... Kinda pointless washing the exterior now due to rain/dust around here (building houses in this area and loads of dust about)... But I can at least give the inside a hoover and a good clean/dust.

    Forgot to mention it comes with front mats, drivers one is a little worn butt he passenger side ones is in excellent condition.
  4. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

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    United Kingdom Guy Gloucester
    Do love these in blue. Might make a good daily for me, could be in touch soon dude :peace:
  6. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    I'm only about 10-12 miles from where you work too... but will be busy the next couple of days and have some one coming to look at it over the weekend.
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  7. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Now sold.
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