Brochures & Promo 20 Things about 2017 Honda Civic

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    20 things we learned about the 2017 Honda Civic at the Paris Motor Show
    Some interesting info in there... have a read.

    The window sealant is so strong you could lift the entire car by its windscreen.
    Incredible, but true. The sealant for the rear and front screen accounts for 20 per cent of the car’s rigidity. It’s like a thick toothpaste, only it’s jet black.
    So is it all made by robots?

    Which engineering solution is Honda most proud of?
    Good question. “The part I’m most proud of is the Civic’s steering,” says Chief Engineer Kariya-san. “Our steering gearbox is quite unique for this segment. It brings a lot of stability on centre but the more you turn the steering wheel, the more the wheels themselves turn, and that’s very nice on winding roads. It’s a milder version of the steering we have in the NSX.”

    The Engine Room | 20 things we learned about the 2017 Honda Civic at the Paris Motor Show
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    This high level of engineering demonstration and strengths are all the hallmarks of Honda R&D and old fashioned Honda philosophies. Its great and long overdue to be yet again celebrated and shared.

    Goof find @legend-ary , Talking about the Engine room look at the first story under the car section. :Wink: