Removed 2.2 CTDi Power Steering Pipe

Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories' started by Heckler, Friday 2nd Dec, 2016.

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    I have a small leak from my power steering main feed pipe... it's at the join between the lower metal one going into the steering rack, and the rubber hose. It's only weeping at the moment... But I'd rather get it sorted before it fails and empties the fluid and burning out the PS pump.

    Gave Holdcroft Honda a call, and they wanted £261 for both parts... with the rubber one only being around £20 inc discount.

    I simply don't have a spare £240 this close to xmas as I also need 2 tyres in the next 1000 miles, and with a 600 mile round trip to do in a couple of weeks.... I really need it done.

    I'll get the rubber hose and fit that, hopefully that will stop it... but I'd be happier replacing the lower metal pipe too... so that's the part I need.

    Attached a pic of the system... I think the part I need is the one labelled B-33-11 or B-33-21

    If anyone has this part from a breaker... can you let me know please.

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    Try a hose specialist like pirtek, my metal return hose was leaking, just cut it down and fitted a longer rubber one for a tenner. They do all sort of high pressure hoses and pipes

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    I've managed to find a few on ebay from UK sellers... have sent messages to 4 sellers who claim to be autoparts retailers to confirm if it's the correct part for my car, giving them my exact model details and reg number... and not a single one has replied yet.

    It's their loss, as I refuse to purchase from sellers like that.

    I'll give the last 2 until lunchtime tomorrow to reply before considering them unreliable.... I've got a little time to source one as I have until the end of next week to repair it, and it's only weeping at the moment... it's just one of those things you want to fix ASAP.
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    One of the sellers got back to me very quickly today, confirmed it was the correct part and it's now been ordered.

    Once here I just need to book it in the garage to be fitted, will get them to do an oil change at the same time as I purchased all the oil months ago along with a filter, and I've already changed the air/pollen filters.

    Then it's just a question of replacing the worst worn tyre, which although it's still got around 1500+ miles left in it, is showing a slightly uneven wear (it's a rear one).

    I'll get that changed and swapped for the front, as I replaced the other front one a few months ago and I dislike having mismatched brands on an axle... Currently have 3 Mchelins and a Goodyear, so need to match the goodyear at the front.
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    Just going through old threads.
    Please confirm, within the next 30 days, if this is still Wanted/For Sale.

    If no reply is received within that time, I'll closed the thread.
  8. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    I thought it was clear from my last post that I'd ordered the part needed... please close.
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