Engine & Gearbox 2.0 petrol Manual Gearbox oil change

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    Book says 1.9 litres of MTF needed for a change or 2.1 litres "total"
    Can I take it that on a change they don't expect to get every drop of oil out so circa 0.2 of a litre is left in the box even after youve drained it ?
    Given that its about £14 a bottle for the genuine stuff i don't really want to have to buy a third bottle for just 0.1 litres of fluid if i rely on the "total" figure.

    What are other people's experiences?

    Also is it just a 3/8 square drive i need to undo the drain plug ? No special tool as such ?
  2. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    There's always some left in there on a drain and refill.
    I would advise removing the 'fill' bolt first, just to ensure you can get it out.
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    Done this today not too bad.
    Standard 3/8 ratchet undid the drain plug and the fill plug was tight but came undone eventually.
    Trickiest bit was getting the car level without the front wheel on so i could keep an eye on it as i fille dit back up.
    I used a length of garden hose up to the engine bay and filled it via a funnel until id got about 80% of the second bottle in and then topped the last bit up using a big syringe and clear length of pipe from the wheel well side until it started to run back out.
    I was a little disappointed that the fluid the came out didnt seem that dirty and it doesnt feel massively different to drive but its satisfying to have another overdue job ticked off the list and the change is now a little slicker than before but it was pretty good to start with.
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    United Kingdom andy shropshire
    mate it still a job worth doing have you ever done the power steering fluid...
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    Yes but i havent done a full flush i did it by sucking out the content of the reservoir with my trusty big syringe, fill to minimum with new fluid, start the car and go lock to lock a few times, turn engine off, suck out the reservoir to empty again and repeat.
    I used a full bottle of fluid. Its probably not as clean as if id done a full flush with 2 or 3 bottles but its a lot better than it was.
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    I had mine fluid done on a CDTi box last Oct, and whilst I haven't noticed a massive difference and the oil that came out wasn't filthy and black... it was noticeably darker than what went back in... But as you say... it's nice to tick it of the list.

    I shall probably being having it done again if I get this new one at the weekend.
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