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    slim london
    a few keen enthusiast have raced at crystal palace in there 1st Generation Civics ,in period historic classes with some success !!!
    just thought id share a few images with you all
    our bronzy will be out racing on the 26th & 27th may have aa look on the sites events page ,if your not doing anything come and have a great weekend out !

    honda events 012.

    honda events 011.

    honda events 001.

    CP2014 282.JPG

    CP2014 720.JPG

    CP2014 690.JPG


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    Love the look of these, so much better than what the likes of Ford/British Leyland etc were putting out at the time.

    Wonder if you could shoe-horn a K20 in there :Wink:
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    slim london
    its been done the work involved is emense ! so much power they understeer off the track on corners unless you totally redesign the whole suspension and greatly widen the wheel track
    once youve done all this you will find it hard to fnd a competitive class for it to race in !!! so realistically you might as well save a lot of time and money and buy an EP3 !!!! the set up on our Civic,s are in period modified and allow us to race in historic classes and occasionally we manage to win a pot or two :Grin:
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    slim london
    our little honda Civic is up for some tough opposition this year with some of the big guns coming out out to play.
    the last couple of races at crystal palace we have managed to win a couple of trophies for 2nd in class !
    i fear a podium is out of out reach this year were giving away way to much BHP !! but our main goal is to better our all time best 1st Generation Civic time at this event so a sub 44.57 will do nicely !
    Class 5 (1967 to 1976)
    Leo Martorana~LeedsSDMC1975 Fiat124 Abarth Stradale 1800
    Angus Dent~PlaxtolAMOC1967 Aston Martin DB6 1st Generation 3996
    Philip Woods~GoudhurstJEC1968 Ford (Bullit) Mustang 5000
    Jill Newman~BerkhamstedSDMC1971 Datsun 240z 2400
    Chris Browne~SittingbourneMMKMC1969 Ford Escort RS1600 1980
    Ali Cornwell-Browne~SittingbourneMMKMC1973 Jaguar E Type
    Alan (slim) Faggetter~West NorwoodSDMC1976 Honda Civic 1300
    Benjamin Desserre~LondonSDMC1969 Mini Cooper
    William Humphries~AltonFDMC1974 MG Midget
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    slim london
    if anyone is interested to read our results of racing our honda heritage 1970,s 1st Generation Civic this year 2019 at the crystal palace hillclimb

    to complete the story of our first event of the year ,on the 26th our honda heritage group entered the hillclimb with our 1970,s honda Civic ,the car belongs to our group member ray lau who normally races with me in the car ,but unfortunately ray is in hong kong and unable to attend ,so with the help of liam marshall (chief mechanic ) it was brought out of storage and was recommisioned for the meeting
    with 8 cars in our class the competition looked a little daunting with an etyoe ,aston martin DB6 and a mustang in the mix !!
    with the trackwalk at 7.15 am ,signing on ,scrutineering,and sound check the day rolls on very quickly and before you know it your on the start line for your first practice run !
    pactice 1
    with knowledge of the track my first run was brisk trying out a new suspension set up and new rubber compounds ,the car handled superbly !! better gripand nicely balance suspension all bode well for the rest of the day! our time at this point was 2nd fastest in our group !
    practice 2
    the 2nd run much faster but but 5 tenths of the away from our best ever time but still lying 2nd in class and 2 hundredths of the 1st place mustang !!!
    now already luch break and time to reflect and plan the next 3 timed runs and these are the ones that are going to count !!! also breaking news rain was on its way possibly on run 2 so plenty to think about
    timed run 1
    withthe threat of rain and the clouds rolling in this run had to be the banker !
    a great start with the grip down lined the first sharp left hander perfectly full power down and straightening out the slight right hander into the first short straight for a last minute brake into the right hand hairpin then.... disaster struck my go pro camera broke away under heavy braking and flew off and ended up under my pedals just as i entered the hairpin !!! (got some good footage of my feet !) fortunately it didnt jam any of my pedals and i managed to continue and finished 2 hundredths slower than my last practice run , the end of this timed run saw us still holding second in class but the MG behind in 3rd was closing in fast and the mustang had increased its gap to 9 tenths of a second
    timed run 2
    on cue the rain came in, not heavy but that fine mist that soaks you and the perfect consistency to make a nice greasy track ! i took the gamble of the semi slicks which i had been using in the previous runs knowing these were far from ideal for the conditions but confident that no one would better their times so off we all went "
    after a good clean start and a careful first corner to my supise the grip was not to bad at all and food for thought for the final run
    all our class were 2 seconds down on our best runs so still we stood in 2nd place in class phew ! and in one piece !
    timed run 3
    the rain had cleared with just a few spits, and the track was drying with any damp patches not apparently visable so this was it the final run ! watching the groups in front of ours and listening to the lap times i felt it was good enough for a spirited run so off i went ! a great start and no early lift into the first corner it quickly became apparent all was well with grip and with an very slightly early brake into the hairpin i had total confidence into commiting into the rest of the circuit and pushed very hard hitting all apexes spot on and braking much later than i,d ever dared nailing the last difficult corner and over the finish line ... that felt good !
    the end result of our run saw us 2nd in class !!!! pulling away from the MG but we closed the gap to the 1st placed mustang to a mere 3 tenths of a second !
    we also beat our own best time at this venue by 2 hundredths of a second !!! .....oh if only we had another run
    i hope you enjoyed the read and that concludes our first honda heritage event for 2019 thank you all for attending !
    1st two pictures are the cars in my class 3rd picture is myself liam (the spanner man ) the car and a trophy!
    and lastly the class result sheet
    regards all
    managed to fix the gopro for the final run





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