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    Hey Guys,

    Just joined the forum to see if anyone could help me with a problem with my dad's Honda Shuttle which he's had since new in 1998! Hopefully this is in the right section as I couldn't see a Shuttle/Odyssey area.
    The dash is coming up with an ABS light, and taking it into a dealer, they think it's the rear wheel speed sensor on the near side and intermittently on the off side. Does anyone know where I can get some of these without spending nearly £500 at the dealer to replace both sides?
    Would an accord or Prelude of the same age wheel speed sensor fit? Are they easy to get?

    Cheers in advance
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    Hi Alex,
    My first thought is whether you’ve actually had a diagnostic report confirming the rear ABS sensor as the problem? Also has the fault code been cleared with a diagnostic tool and does it come back?
    If it is the ABS sensor at fault and before you go spending lots of cash, it may be worth checking the ABS wires and cleaning the sensor.
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    Hey cat-guy,

    The quote for the supply of parts came from a diagnostic report performed at a main dealer.

    I'll have a look at the sensor, but its looking likely that I'll have to get a sensor, any ideas where I can get one cheaply or if a part from another car would work?

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    The part numbers are 57470SX0A53 and 57475SX0A53 is showing availability at about 94 GBP each plus shipping and the potential to get caught in customs which might add on vat + fee as well. All said not any substantial savings if customs spots it otherwise about 50 quid per side if it slips through the post.

    In looking at the spurious parts lists the pricing is much the same it cross references to the UDSM Odyssey again most of the parts are outside the current customs area so liable for vat and fees.

    I'd personally try a can of brake cleaner and an old tooth brush to clean the sensor and ring, also check the connector for corrosion and give it a bit of a rub as well to see if that solves the problem before replacing.
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    Try cleaning the sensor then - What was the fault code from the diagnostic report.
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    Alex have a look at item number 362339606688 on flea bay
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    I'm not too sure what the diagnostic report said, however, the ABS light lights up on the dash and would fail the MOT.

    The ebay listing is for the front wheel, will this fit on the back?
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    Just tried taking the sensor out, but ended up trying to clean it out to see if it cleared the code. Unfortunately no joy even though we brushed all the metal filings away from the sensor. Looks like we'll be off to see the dealer!