Tyres & Wheels 17 inch Alloy Wheel Damage - Partial Refurb by Chips Away

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    I slightly damaged rim of ns front wheel when pulling front of car towards kerb when parking. Part of the spoke faces & all the rim of the 17 inch alloy wheels are diamond cut with a slightly tinted lacquer protection coat.

    Diamond Wheels Letchworth would refurb whole rim & charge about £100 but due to slight dark tint in lacquer cannot guarantee a perfect match. At this cost might as well consider getting a new wheel from Cox Honda auto parts for about £180.

    So I decided to give the local Chips Away franchisee holder a try as he quoted £50 to do a local repair & it has turned out ok. It is not perfect but unless you know here the repaired area is & look closely it is not noticeable. The repair was smoothed down & then a device was put on a clean undamaged part of the rim to analyse the colour. From the results several different base colours of paint were mixed & then spayed onto the damaged area. Then finally a clear lacquer was sprayed on.

    The damage was about 25mm long so for a much longer damage Diamond Wheels may give a better result. However, problem is the refurbished rim lacquer colour may not match that of the diamond cut spokes. My damage also occurred away from the Diamond Cut finished part of a spoke so no line where Diamond Cut finished spoke joins the rim.

    The wheels should have been all in Diamond Black, as used on the Civic Type-R FK8, on which is quite easy to do a DIY touch up. If several wheels ever get damaged it is probably better to get them fully refurbed with a Diamond Black powder coating & be done.