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    Just been looking at a dealer in the states and they publish VIN for the cars they sell. Just been cross examining the VIN and where there are made quite strange to find the 10th Generation Civic is sourced from three different factories.

    The list of factory currently making the 10th Generation are list below, (The first three charterers on the VIN are the factory code)

    NLA: Honda Turkiye A.S. Honda passenger vehicle
    93H: Honda Automoveis do Brasil Ltda. Honda passenger vehicle
    SHH: Honda of the U.K. Manufacturing Ltd. Honda passenger vehicle
    2HG: Honda of Canada Mfg., Honda Canada Inc. Honda passenger vehicle
    19X: Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC Honda passenger vehicle

    Have a look at the list of Civic being sold

    New Honda For Sale | 2015, 2016, 2017 Civic Inventory | Wooster, Ohio | College Hills Honda

    A few snips so you guys can see the cars just in case those cars drop off the search. What ever happened to Swindon being the sole producer and exporter to the world?



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    Is Swindon on the way out ?
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    I doubt it Honda thrown in millions into the Swindon plant, or the other factories will scale back when Swindon ramps up?
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    There was an article in the Japan Times not so long ago wondering about the Swindon plant and how it would operate after brexit .
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    I won't be too worried on that.
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    The Sport gets 36mpg on the highway when the others get 40 - different tuning or gearing maybe.
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    Sports is the extra BHP engine made in Swindon the other one is detuned turbo lower BHP.
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    Export to US from Swindon will be better post Brexit, especially with a new trade deal in place. Exchange rates will continue to fluctuate.

    The 'risk' for U.K. plants is only export to the EU if no deal is done there. Since relatively little U.K. car production goes to the EU, there is more opportunity for plants here than risk, although supply chains may need to be reconfigured to avoid EU sourcing. No coincidence that the South Korean manufacturers who are targeting the US are keen to do a trade deal here and build car plants quickly.

    The bigger risk is to the German car industry if there are tariffs, as so much of their production comes here. The perceived risk to car manufacturing in the U.K. was always an odd one for the remain camp to focus on, as it was never much of an issue as far as I could see - apart than for Nissan who were under political pressure from the French Government to make a fuss...

    Anyway, if the Italian referendum goes against the sitting PM today, and Austria votes for Hofer as President, the EU will be in ruins within 5 years. Sorry, I meant it will be a BIGGER ruin...
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    I thought only the hatch was exclusively built in UK.
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    1 US gallon converts to 0.833 UK gallon so 36mpusg in US is same as 43 mpukg in UK.
    My Civic 1.5 Turbo Prestige is was achieving calculated 44+ MPG in winter but now weather is a bit warmer I'm getting about 46+ MPG.