Show Us Your Car 1 month in my new CR-V (EX manual)

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    Done about 800 miles so far. Very comfortable is the first thought. Amazing seats, family very happy with the space.

    The manual transmission car is rated at 173hp, the CVT at 193hp. The Honda Civic with the same 1.5 is 182hp. I do not understand why there are so many variations of the same engine. The car does feel a bit sluggish at lower RPM, but it is easy to rev up the engine for the turbo to kick in - the transition is smooth. 0-60 is 10s in the specs. At 70mph in 6th gear, the car cruises quietly at 2600-2700 RPM.

    The collision mitigation system has surprised once, applying brakes suddenly when you did not expect it too, glad there was nobody tailgating me.
    The stereo sounds pretty good. The pano roof is great. The LED headlamps amazing. Android auto very useful. The 19 inch alloys look great, and still provide a good ride. The lane keep assist is very handy. Adaptive cruise works well. I wish there was a 360 camera. The HUD is useful, takes some time getting used to. The passenger seat is not electric, only the drivers. The rear light cluster is also all LED, but could be an expensive replacement, no option to replace light bulbs here. Steering wheel is heated. Only the wipers area on the windscreen is heated, not the whole windscreen. I believe the hybrid will have a heated windscreen.

    There is a torque distribution monitor, and I have never seen it on 2 wheel drive mode except for when reversing or coasting at less than 5mph. I thought that when not needed, the car would switch to 2 wheel drive to save fuel, but even at cruising speeds, the AWD torque distribution monitor displays power going to all 4 wheels.

    On a recent trip mainly motorway, the mileage was 37.6 MPG.

    I have not seen the new metallic red in flesh yet, there was a long wait for the red, hence went for the lunar silver which looks good on this car.

    IMG_20181207_104719. IMG_20181207_104652.
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    nice sounds like a lot of goodies, heated steering wheel :Ermm:
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    Looks like you have a lot of extra's. Can only imagine how nice it would be to drive.
    Thanks for letting us know how you are finding it, i'm sure it would be useful to anyone who wants to purchase a CR-V.
    You convinced me :Wink: (Need to start saving)
    Why not add your CR-V to the club garage?
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    We should be picking up our new CR-V next week.

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    Congratulations. Enjoy your new ride.
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    Wow that looks fantastic! :Thumbup:
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    It certainly is a fine looking car. The hybrid could be my next choice unless I decide to downsize, but that's not for a couple of years yet.