Bulletins & Advisories 09MY Civic IMA Hybrid indicator cames on, and DTC P0A7F is recorded.

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    Honda issued this TSB# HUK000000001167 for all Honda Civic FD3 for model years MY 2009 dated the 24-06-09

    IMA indicator cames on, and DTC P0A7F is recorded.


    BATTERY-ECU software error.

    BATTERY and ECU software has been updated.

    Application to Production Line


    Check the symptom. ( IMA indicator came on, and DTC P0A7F was stored.)

    Repair Method
    Conduct the following work referring to the Shop
    1. Update engine ECU software.
    2. Update BATTERY-ECU software.
    3. Perform the “Idle” learning.
    4. Perform the “Crank pattern” learning.
    5. Confirm that the check light is off and that all system function normally.
    NOTE: Software included in ECU Update DVD from May 09 onwards.
    There is the possibility that DTC (P0A7F) may be recorded during the repair process. Erase the DTC after the update of engine ECU and Battery-ECU has been completed.

    Warranty Information
    Application: Normal Warranty Applies
    Causal Part: 37820-RM*-*** (Refer to WebEPC for VIN
    being repaired).
    NEWS Symptom Code: 03203
    Operation No.(LON-NEWS Only): 1185A3
    FRT: 0.8Hr