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  1. gorath23
    Well, I don't see that one cancels out the other. As much as I feel sorry for those people too, I had somewhat more of a connection with Paul- as a 15 year old, watching F&F1 over and over again, and becoming infatuated with Japanese cars because of it. He was also a great charity worker for Reach Out- it was one of their events he was returning from.
    Sunday 1st Dec, 2013
  2. Shuthan
    Spot on Gorath.
    Sunday 1st Dec, 2013
  3. mikecivicvtec
    Haggis you have to realise that only a small percentage of people will know of the existence of these people involved in the Glasgow disaster, meaning that they won't have the same recognition as someone who is the main star in a global franchise. Not to say there is no respect for those victims in Glasgow, but you have to appreciate its impossible for another human being to feel any sort of emotion about the death of someone they never knew existed.
    Sunday 1st Dec, 2013
  4. gorath23
    Well, I think its possible to feel empathy and sympathy for someone else, even if you never knew them, but my point was that I did feel that Paul had an impact on my life, shared a passion (cars) and was somebody I actively admired.
    Sunday 1st Dec, 2013
  5. Peteioz
    Totally agree with Gorath, F&F had a huge effect on me from a child and got me into the car culture that is such a big part of life today
    Sunday 1st Dec, 2013
  6. Site
    to be honest I agree with you haggis...but I then agree with everyone else...also haggis if your going to say what about the people in the helicopter crash...what about the thousands which die daily? what about them?
    Monday 2nd Dec, 2013
  7. Kev_B18
    site is write countless people die early everyday and it sucks but ill be honest (this may qualify me for hate) the way the world is now unless its somone you know it goes buy without having an effect on you, the difference is paul walker was felt by millions that due to the F&F they knew him, RIP to all those who die before their time !!
    Tuesday 3rd Dec, 2013