Comments on Profile Post by billy786_1988

  1. haggis
    wasn't it a total flop at the pictures?
    Sunday 22nd Jan, 2012
  2. billy786_1988
    lol that would explain it
    Sunday 22nd Jan, 2012
  3. Ramz007
    Was an OK film tbh
    Sunday 22nd Jan, 2012
  4. Civic92
    It's something I wanted to go and see but never did because I spend all my money on the car. I like his life, except the cutting your own arm off thing...
    Sunday 22nd Jan, 2012
  5. RapeyMcRaperton
    I thought it was a wicked film. bear grills style survival!
    Sunday 22nd Jan, 2012
  6. billy786_1988
    It was an ok film in the end. The arm stabbing and all that, noo! Cringy or what
    Monday 23rd Jan, 2012