Thank you and new staff

Hello everyone.

Firstly, @Leo at H-Tune , @SpeedyGee and myself would like to extend our sincerest thank you to all of our members here. Times for the forum have been turbulent recently and we are all honestly gobsmacked at how...

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We're Back! The Future of Honda Karma & H-Tune

Hello everyone,

WE ARE BACK. And even more importantly, the issue which has plagued the forum for over 2 years, that has bewildered numerous developers, that has caused years of frustration upon frustration, the images. Well, the images are now completely and utterly FIXED...

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Honda announces new HR-V Sport with 1.5 VTEC TURBO engine

Honda has revealed details of the new HR-V Sport, a specific grade for the revised 2019 model equipped with the 1.5-litre VTEC TURBO petrol engine as well as dynamic upgrades to the chassis and suspension....

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Recent Downtime: Looking to the Future

Hey folks,

It's been no secret that I've stayed away from the forum for a long-time now, and furthermore our beloved club, built with years of blood, sweat and tears - has been in decline. We're quiet, we're stagnant and old-standing issues; such as missing forum images; have sat unresolved.

I believe today is the day to cast a light down the...

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