Research & Development Vehicle Dynamics Performance Enhancing Technology for New Civic PDF

Honda Civic 2017 [FC1,FK6, FK7]

  1. Ichiban

    Technology was developed for the new Civic with the goal of achieving the top vehicle dynamic performance in the segment. A new rear suspension with high rear equivalent cornering power was developed to achieve a balance between handling performance and ride comfort. Road-holding cornering performance and flat ride performance were simultaneously achieved by reducing the friction and hysteresis of the suspension moving parts to reduce the force transferred from the road surface to the body, and by non-coupling various vehicle behaviours. A dual-pinion variable gear ratio electric power steering system was used and the steering support stiffness was increased to simultaneously achieve both a smooth and linear steering feel and good handling over wide steering manoeuvrer and vehicle speed ranges. Linear handling performance and good ride comfort from initial start to long-distance driving were realized through the use of body bulkheads with a ring structure that increases torsional stiffness and a lattice frame layout that increases floor stiffness. These technologies achieved top-level vehicle dynamic performance among same-segment vehicles around the world.
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