Research & Development Advanced Technology for Interior Vibration Reduction for New Civic PDF

Honda Civic 2017 [FC1,FK6, FK7]

  1. Ichiban
    Steering vibration while idling and floor and accelerator pedal vibration while accelerating were reduced for the new Civic. Steering vibration while idling was reduced by positioning the engine mounts, which are the main transfer path, in locations with a small engine vibration amplitude. This reduced the engine vibration transferred to the body without lowering the spring constants of the engine mounts, and provided power train support stiffness while at the same time reducing the vibration transfer amount. Floor vibration while accelerating was reduced by positioning the exhaust mounts in locations with a small exhaust vibration amplitude to reduce exhaust vibration transfer, and by increasing the floor panel thickness and adding cross members to increase the floor stiffness and reduce the floor vibration sensitivity. Accelerator pedal vibration while accelerating was reduced by offsetting the position of the fuel pipe bracket connected to the dashboard lower where the accelerator pedal module mounting point is located.

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