Your Accord's Actual Year of Manufacture

Accord 03-08

  1. Dom
    his has been a mystery for a lot of owners in the past and has been debated for many a year. Some owners including me want to know if their car is the latest one off the production line and not one stilling in a warehouse for year.

    So how do you go about check it ? for starters if you are buying a new car the dealer put the order into the system and within a day a VIN number is assigned to the order. You may request the salesman depending on your rapport with them to give you your new cars VIN.

    Look at your 17 digit VIN and look at the 10th Character. That is the year of manufacture.

    For our 7th Generation owners:


    if you have a long wait before your delivery it more likely being produced. If you order a rare one car like a 2.4 Tourer in Milano Red with ADAS in manual. You can be rest assured it will be built to order and you will get a newer car and shipped across from Japan. With diesel being more in demand you know to check if your car is that years production run.