Wiring AUX in Honda Jazz GD using DIY 3.5mm AUX cable

Honda Jazz GD 2002-2008

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    I recently did a DIY on how to put AUX connector from a FL Jazz in to a PFL Jazz GD. It can be found here: Headunit Removal and Putting in AUX from FL in PFL Jazz GD

    In that I used a connector that bought off a breaker however if you cannot source the cable/connector that not to worry.. I have a solution. You can refer to the other guide for how to remove the headunit and how to run the wire.

    Tools you need:
    0.5m Audio Cable (3 wire)
    5 or 6 pin DuPont Connector
    Aux connector (male female according to the type of mount you want)

    This is what DuPont connector looks like:
    $_57 (2).JPG
    The green port at the back of the headunit is the one we will be using. Normally it is used for optional CD changer but we can use it for wiring our AUX.

    How to make the wire:

    The wire is quite easy to make using standard 3.5mm socket at the end of the cable. The connector pins at the back of the headunit have 0.1" pitch, the OEM plug is latched and keyed but that is not essential to this project.

    When looking at the back of the headunit the pins are listed from left to right.

    Pin 1 - AUX enable
    Pin 2 - AUX enable
    Pin 3 - Right Audio
    Pin 4 - Audio Common
    Pin 5 - Left audio
    Pin 6 - Chassis ground

    Pin 1 & 2 need to be tied together to enable the AUX function. If you notice that when you press CD/Aux button, AUX doens't show up but once you join cable 1 & 2 you will see AUX displayed on screen. Ground is not needed so you only need 3,4 and 5 to wire up your 3.5mm jack.

    3.5mm jack

    Tip = Left Audio
    Ring 1 = Right Audio
    Body = Common

    The following is the OEM plugs dissected to make things clear.
    pic courtesy TG

    Once completed the setup will look something like this.
    manual jumper.

    Now there are number of ways you can bring the cable out of dash. You can either exit the 3.5mm jack directly under the dash or through the glove box. Make sure you tie it to one of the existing harness cable so there is no accidental tug.

    Or you can wire a female 3.5mm port under the heater controls and use a male to male 3.5mm cable to plug your phone into it like this:
    $_57 (1).JPG $_57.JPG

    So there you go: Your own wire made and using the other guide you should be able to plug it in to your Jazz/Fit stereo and enjoy the freedom.

    You can buy a ready made cable for £20-£25 but where is the fun in that as I reckon you can make your own for less than £5.

    Disclaimer: the DIY contains photos and information gathered over internet and other forums on this topic. I am putting on HK for the benefits of the members. Many thanks to TG from ClubJazz for all the info.
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    You on a roll arent ya , well done.
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      :) haha I just love my Jazz and wish more owners join HK so building up information for them that I have been acquiring over time from many different sources.