Windscreen Washer Jet Adjustment

Accord 03-08

  1. Dom
    This is applicable to all 7th Generation Accords Before doing this test make sure of the washer nozzles are aiming correctly. When the washer fluid is sprayed, check that 50 % or more of fluid was sprayed on the shaded area (F, G). If not, adjust the washer nozzle(s). D: Approx. 130 mm from the upper end of cowl cover (A). E: Approx. 160 mm from the upper end of cowl cover (A).


    Washer Nozzle Adjustment Procedure Required tool A: flat tip screwdriver of the following size. B: 0.6 mm or less

    Insert the screwdriver (A) into the washer nozzle (B), hold the (D) part of the handle and adjust the nozzle by moving the shaft (C) up or down. NOTE: - (C) location should be close to the nozzle. - Do not move the handle (D), or the washer nozzle may be damaged.


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