Which Oil Should I Use?

Accord 03-08

  1. Dom
    The never ending and constantly asked question on every forum "Which oil should I use for my car?".

    These are guidelines and not choice of which brand of oil to use, members please feel to suggest your preferred oil companies in this thread.

    7th Generation Petrol

    The cars come from factory with 0w-20 for running in purposes, however it perfectly safe to run the engine using thin oil like 0w-20. The recommended oil grades for the 7th Engine petrol are:

    API Service Grade: SG, SH or SJ fuel-efficient oil SAE, we recommend using fully synthetic ester based oil for the maximum protection and longer drain intervals.

    On petrol you can use the recommend drain levels of 12.5k or 12 months. The enthusiasts and I tend to drain it 6000 miles or at every six months.


    Tip: For fuel efficiency use 0w-30 and for owners with performance in mind 5w-40 oils are the ones to go for.

    7th Generation Diesel

    Highly recommended to genuine Honda Motor Oil available at dealers, or 0W-30 synthetic motor oil meeting the minimum specification: ACEA A1/B1, ACEA A3/B3, or ACEA A5/B5 ACEA viscosity:


    Tip: Always use genuine Honda oil filters and if you can afford to change the oil on your diesel at 3000 miles it will ensure you will lesser unexpected breakdowns and ensure your engine is healthy. Alternatively the maximum drain interval should not exceed 6k miles. We don’t advise owners to use Honda's standard 12.5k mile service schedule as it way too late.

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    Practical and easy to oversee
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      Thanks bud, just to point out official Honda wants all Petrol owners to stop using 10w-40 in Honda cars.