VSA Module Change (Diesel)

Accord 03-08 i-CDTI, N22A

  1. Biffo
    First of all take a good clear photo of the details of your unit, then you can email it to any company that may be able to either repair or replace it.

    I used BBA reman. ABS, ecu's, throttle bodies, air mass meters, and catalytic converters Once you know that it can be sorted, then removing it is not as hard as it looks.

    You will need a socket set with a long'ish extension, 10mm & 12mm spanners, screwdrivers, and a Philips screwdriver.

    You need to be able to work around the front & sides of the bonnet area. You also need to be able to get underneath the front to remove the connecting plugs. I raised my car by putting blocks of wood under the front tyres, just enough so that I could get under.


    Ok, to get at the module, you need to remove the front bumper, and the right-hand headlight.

    To remove the bumper, first take off the trim panel in front of the radiator, prise up the centre piece of the plugs to remove them. Be aware there are 3 different types in this panel, long ones & short ones of the same dia, and one smaller dia one at the very front.


    Now go underneath the car, and you need to remove the same type of plugs across the bottom (3 off) there is also a plug into each side of the bumper.

    Checkout this photo, it shows you just which need to be removed. The bolts & screw at the very front don't need to be touched.

    Now remove 2 small bolts on either side underneath each corner. Then the PK screws inside the wheel-arches at the very rearmost of the bumper.


    OK, Check - 2 bolts out either side, 1 PK screw from up into wing either side, 5 plastic plugs from underneath, and the top trim panel have been removed. now the bumper is ready to come off.
    Place a stool or something in front of the car, because the wires to the fog lights will not allow it to lower all the way to the floor.
    Ease out the sides of the bumper from the wings, now give it a gentle tug in the middle around each headlight and it will come off.
    lower it down to the stool so that you can un-clip the fog light connectors.

    Now store the bumper somewhere it's not going to get kicked scratched, or blown down the garden.

    We need to remove the headlight. You can easily see the 2 small bolts that fasten it on the top, remove these. You now need to remove 1 bolt that fastens the bottom brkt to the chassis, and 1 bolt that fixes the light pod to the wing.



    The headlight is ready for lifting out, there are 5 plugs to the rear of it that need disconnecting. here is the rear view of the headlight.


    Now we're ready to tackle the module and it's brackets. Remember, there is no need to uncouple any water or power steering pipes etc.

    First of all, un-clip the 2 pipes from the brkt on the right, and the metal pipe that goes down the side of this bracket.



    This Bracket is only for holding these pipes, it's held by 1 bolt down at the back, and 1 bolt at the front, so take it off out of the way.




    Now un-clip the large electric connector by moving to orange 'lever' up to the other end, you'll see a plastic securing 'gate' lower down. Now prise the clip out that holds its wire to the brkt. Also remove the screw holding the top of the screen wash tube.




    Now undo all the pipes, the small ones are 10mm spanner size, and the 2 larger ones are 12mm spanner size. Make sure that you us good quality spanners, you certainly don't want to round off the corners. I put a tie-wrap loosely around the whole bundle of pipes so that I could hold them up out of the way easier whilst manoeuvring the module out.

    There are 3 bolts holding the module in, 1 at the front, 1 at the back, and 1 in the vertical face opposite the alternator pulley. This one in the vertical face is a bit of a bugger to get to, especially if you have fat fingers like myself, but it doesn't need to come right out, it just needs slackening a few turns as it goes into an open-ended slot.




    The first photo shows the awkward bolt inside the engine bay that doesn't need to come out all the way.

    The yellow circle on the last photo is where the rear bolt goes, the purple square is the mounting point for the pipe support bracket previously removed.

    Un-clip the 2 metal air conditioning pipes from the brkt at the front (2nd photo)

    The module is now ready to come out. move all wire connectors out of the way, and holding the tie wrap to lift all the pipes slightly (don't go silly, you do not want to bend the pipes!) jiggle (technical term) the module forwards, twisting it ant-clockwise as it comes so that you can get the brkt over the 2 air con pipes.

    Don't force anything, it will come out, just move each and anything that looks to be stopping it.


    Now it's off, remove the bracket from the module, parcel it up and send it away to the nice man for repair /replacement.


    When you get it back, refitting is just doing it all in reverse, but there are a couple of points to watch for;...........

    Get the module into position with it hooked over the awkward bolt. NOW start all 4 pipes in the top finger tight with the module loose, DO NOT cross thread these, if you've bent a pipe slightly whilst getting the module out / in, you need to re-bend it back so that it lines up to allow you to screw in the union with fingers for at lease a couple of threads. get all 4 pipes started and run the unions down, but still leave them slack. now fit the bolts etc. tighten the mounting bolts, then tighten the pipe unions.
    When you refit the headlight, test that all the lights work in it before going any further.
    Couple up the fog light connectors with the bumper resting on the stool (you need to press the tongue to get them fully home) again test them before refitting the bumper.
    Refitting the bumper, put it up to the middle front first, locating it under the headlights but don't push it home yet, go underneath and feed the bottom of the bumper OVER the floor pans. now push home the bumper under the headlights, then around the sides, making sure that the under-tray and arch trim goes inside the bumper.
    Refit all the bolts & trim plugs etc
    Bleed the brakes, and you're done. Note, you will get quite a lot of fluid through, especially the rear brakes before the air followed by new fluid comes through.
    There should be no warning lights showing once finished.

    If you break any of the plastic plugs, they can easily be got from ebay, just search "Honda trim clips".
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