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Civic 1996 - 2000

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    In this guide I am changing out the tail light gaskets as there was a leak coming through into the boot, these gaskets which I acquired from eBay seem to have done the trick and solved my problem :Smile:

    ^^ these are the new set of gaskets which I got to replace the old ones.

    ^^ The first thing you will have to do is remove everything from your boot space and then remove this piece of plastic which covers part of the locking mechanism for your boot. There will be two screws which you unscrew and then pull out and then a small catch on rather end at the bottom of the plastic piece which connects onto the side areas which hold your speakers. Once these have been taken apart it is a case of pulling it off with a small bit of force as there are pop in pieces on the back which also help to keep it in place.

    ^^ Next you will have to remove this cover which has a total of 5 screws that need to be taken out and then it simply lifts off.

    ^^ Once you have the speaker cover off there will be a screw here that you will need to remove.
    ^^ there are two screws here which are attached to two yellow spacers that will also need to be removed.
    ^^before this step of removing this piece of plastic I forgot to take a photo of either one or two plastic screws which you unscrew and then pull out to let the bottom half of this piece move freely so that you can the get into where the nuts are which hold on the tail light, this piece will also take a small amount of force to remove as it also has the pop in pieces which help to keep it in place.
    ^^ when you remove the piece of plastic from the picture above this is what you will see, the first step you should take is to remove all of the tail light bulbs and then start to take out the four nuts which hold the tail light in place, there are two on one side and then two on the other.
    ^^ for these you should use an 8mm socket or spanner whichever you happen to have. Once they have all been removed the tail light should simply push out with ease.

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    ^^ as you can see on my tail light and where it sits it is quite dirty so I cleaned that off the car and then I took of the old gasket and replaced it with the new one.

    Once the gasket has been replaced you should simply follow these instructions in reverse to put your tail light back on. I done this on this guide on the left hand side of my car but these instructions will also work fine with the right hand side.

    Hope this simple guide helps someone and is easy to follow and understand, also if you have any questions please feel free to send a message or leave a comment below:sparta:


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