Side Mirror Indicator Lens Remove and Replace

Civic 01-05 Facelift

  1. RogerH69
    Difficulty Level:
    Blowout diagram of mirror for reference


    Tools required -
    • Star screwdriver, medium
    • Flat screw driver, small
    • Spanner
    • Trim clip removal tool


    Time required -
    For me, a total amateur, while taking pictures - 1 hour 36 minutes
    For someone with more skills - 30 minutes to an hour

    First and foremost, this guide is based off of @Ichiban's guide here. His guide is for an Accord, but the side mirror on that model is the same as on the 7th Generation. Civic.

    This side mirror indicator lens is quite fragile, and when bumped by bicycles, pedestrians and parking garage pillars, they break quite easily. Even if it's just the LEDs in the indicator lens that are not working, as it is a complete assembly that has to be replaced, owner's manuals usually tell you to goto your closest Honda dealer to get it replaced. However, it's not a big or difficult job, so save your self some money and do it yourself.

    I bought my replacement indicator lens assembly from Holdcroft Honda and got a discount, bringing it to £43.32 (£57.00 before discount), including next day delivery. The part number I ordered (for the RIGHT hand side) was 34300-SEA-003, but the part number delivered was slightly different, as it had the Accord part number on it. It IS the correct part though.

    Please note that the pictures in this guide were taken on an EV1, but should apply to other model 7th Generation. Civics (and possibly other model Hondas). Also, this is for the right hand side door (though the left will look similar).

    The first thing you need to do is to remove the door panel, as you need to detach the wiring plug for the electric mirror and mirror heater, as well as get access to two of the side mirror mounting nuts that are obstructed by the door panel. Thereafter you can remove the door mirror and replace the indicator lens assembly.

    Lower the window all the way. Remove the trim covering the mounting screw for the side mirror - it unclips, but you need to start by pulling the top of the vertical part of the trim towards you (see red arrow below).


    When the clip releases, slide the trim slightly up and towards you, to remove the bottom 2 plastic clips from their holes.


    Use the small flat screw driver to remove the plastic cover behind the door lever, and remove the 2 screws.


    Slide the door lever out of the door panel, and unclip the small green plastic clip by pushing it backwards off of the door lock rod.


    Reach behind the door lever mechanism and lift the door lock rod out of the door lever mechanism.


    Use the trim clip removal tool to ease the door pull handle cover out of it's clips. I found it easier to start between the door pull handle cover and the leather cushion on the door panel. Using the trim clip removal tool, work your way around the door pull handle cover to loosen it, and then remove it. I have circled the locations of the clips for the door pull handle cover below.


    Remove these three screws (taking note of which screws go where, as they are different sizes and lengths).


    Remove these three screws (taking note of which screws go where, as they are different sizes and lengths).


    Remove the door pull handle.


    Remove the screw at the front of the door windows switch panel.


    And remove the door windows switch panel.


    Unclip the wiring plug for the door windows controls (pull down firmly on the plug itself, do NOT pull on the wires).


    Using the trim clip removal tool, work your way around the door trim. The picture below shows the location of the 5 clips.


    When all clips are loose, lift the door panel out, making sure you don't catch and pull on the door window wiring plug.


    Unclip the mirror control wires from the door, and also unclip the wiring plug (pull firmly on the plug itself, do NOT pull on the wires. If you have big chubby fingers like me, you may want to use small nosed pliers for this).


    Loosen the 3 smaller nuts holding the side mirror in place, and while holding the mirror with one hand, remove the 3 nuts.


    Pull the wiring through the hole in the door (the wiring clip fits through the hole, so there is no need to cut the wiring - YAY).


    As you need to be extra careful with the next step, I did it with both hands, so didn't take a picture (sorry).

    Lay the mirror assembly on a steady surface, and tilt the mirror all the way into the up position. Using both hands (or a medium sized plastering tool if you can't get your fingers in - don't use a single screw driver as you may break the mirror) carefully pull the bottom of the mirror out from the mirror assembly. The mirror will unclip from it's 2 bottom clips. Carefully keep tilting it, until it's almost vertical.


    Remove the 2 mirror heater wires from the rear of the mirror (try not to straighten these wires, as the shape of the wires will help you judge which wire goes on which clip when re-attaching later - or you could label the wires :Wink:). Remove the mirror from it's last 2 clips by pulling it up and out of the assembly.


    Remove the 4 screws indicated below.


    And then pull out the front plastic part of the mirror.


    On the bottom of the mirror assembly, remove 3 screws as below. This is under the hinged part of the mirror. These screws are different from those removed earlier so keep them separate, and note where they go.


    Pull the mirror assembly away from the door mounting part (careful not to put too much strain on the wiring), and remove the screw indicated below. Note that this screw is different from the others you removed from the mirror assembly, so keep it separate, and note where it goes.


    Pull the inside of the mirror up and out of the mirror housing (careful not to put too much strain on the wiring), as per the images below:


    Slide the indicator lens out of the mirror casing (not too far or you may damage the wiring at the end of the indicator lens assembly). Push down on the clip at the end of the wiring plug, and remove the wiring plug from the indicator lens assembly.


    At this stage, you may notice a lot of gunk on the inside of the mirror casing.


    So take this chance to give it a bit of a clean.


    Clip the wiring plug onto the end of the new indicator lens assembly.


    And put the indicator lens assembly back in place.


    Ensuring that the two little arms at the end of the assembly slotted in place properly.


    While putting everything back together, it's advisable to replace these 2 screws, but do NOT tighten them all the way, as they're supposed to go through the front plastic part of the mirror.


    Push the mirror assembly back into the mirror housing and replace the screw below.


    Re-attach the mirror housing to the door mounting, and replace the 3 screws.


    Remove the 2 screws indicated below again.


    Re-attach the 2 wires for the mirror heater, ensuring you feed them under the clip to keep the wires out of the way.


    Slide the top 2 clips of the mirror into the matching locations on the pivot plate.


    Push the mirror down carefully until you feel it clip in place on the top of the pivot plate.


    Tilt the mirror down and make a visual check that it looks like the remaining 2 clips will align with the correct place on the pivot plate. Then, cover the mirror with a thick cloth, folded over a couple of times to provide some padding, and pushing down evenly on the mirror, push it into place.

    Do this carefully, applying slowly more and more pressure until you feel it clip into place.


    To check that the mirror is properly clipped in place, tilt it all the way down and ensure it is 'even', as below.


    Then tilt it all the way up and once again, ensure it is even.


    Inspect the mirror casing to ensure the front plastic part has clipped in place all the way around. When I did mine, this side had not clipped in place properly, so I I just had to push it in (with a bit of pressure as it was pretty tight).


    It seems it is 'normal' to have a little gap on the end of the indicator lens, as shown below, as it is the same on the mirror on the other side of the car).


    When happy that the mirror is properly reassembled, you can start putting everything back on the car. Feed the mirror cabling back through the hole, and replace the nuts.


    Clip the wiring to the door, and reconnect the wiring plug.


    Put the door panel back in place. It's easier to replace the door panel by tilting the door panel slightly forward, aligning the front of the door panel and then dropping it into place. Ensure that you feed the top of the door lock through it's hole, as well as the door window controls, as per the second picture below.


    Reconnect the door window controls wiring plug, and put the door window controls back in place.


    And replace the screw.


    At this stage, it would be a good idea to check that the window controls work properly, so turn the ignition on and confirm all window controls worked as before. If you find that your auto function on the driver door is not working (doubt this will happen) then follow the post here from @Ichiban on how to resolve this.

    Once happy that the window controls work, you should also check that you can still adjust the door mirror remotely. When happy that all electronics are still working, push the clips on the door panel in place to fasten the door panel to the door.

    Replace the door pull handle.


    And replace the screws.


    Then replace the door pull handle cover, clipping it into place.

    Reconnect the door lock rod to the door lever mechanism.


    And push the plastic clip into place on the door lock rod, and then slide the door lever mechanism back into place. Replace the 2 screws holding the door lever mechanism in place, and then replace the plastic cover behind the door lever.


    Replace the door window trim by sliding the bottom 2 clips into place first, and then pushing the top clip in place.


    And all done:


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