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  1. DrSam
    Great guide and good pictures. Thank you
  2. RogerH69
    Great job and guide. Glad to hear it sorted the issue you were experiencing.
  3. SpeedyGee
  4. Nighthawk
    Well done - great little guide. Thank you for taking the time to make one
  5. honda_saj
    good guide a few tips to add
    Hi peeps,

    the 320mah version however they sent me in triangle instead of straight strip, so to fit i removed existing pack, the plastic tray and fitted inside unit and screwed back up as battery pack was taped up there will be no chance of short also as pack fits snug there is no chance of movement.

    A quick tip for you all, when you re connect alarm will wail, close all doors, and unlock then lock car with remote start car and then switch off allow to charge from main battery for at least 30 minutes then use vehicle as normal siren otherwise siren will wail as you drive until main charge restores.
  6. K24 CL9 GUY
  7. K24 CL9 GUY
    K24 CL9 GUY
    Nice work very helpful for anyone that's not done it before. I've ran my power cable for my sub and amp in the exact same way.
    1. RogerH69
      Author's Response
      Thanks :-)